Nordic kicks off 2016 Community Giveback Week with United Way

On Monday, Nordic kicked off our fourth annual Community Giveback Week, which we’ve extended from Community Giveback Day the past three years. We began the week with a visit from United Way of Dane County’s CEO, Renee Moe. Renee joined us in the home office to discuss the state of poverty in our local communities, a road map to change, and how we can be involved in that change.

Community Giveback Week logo

Renee covered the root causes of our communities toughest issues and explained the role of education, income, and health in paving the way to change. She also laid out a clear vision for how the various stakeholders can partner together to change lives. "Make it about we." came to mind as one Nordic maxim that fits nicely with United Way's approach.

Finishing the presentation, Renee showed the inspiring results we can reach when groups partner together and urged us all to be even more involved.

"It's so important for companies like Nordic to get engaged in the community," said Renee. "Employees have amazing talents, they have energy, they want to do good. And also it benefits the company because employees are so grateful to organizations who allow them the chance to not only add value in the business, but to add value in the community."

As we begin our week of giving across the United States, we asked Renee to share the impact of corporate social responsibility and individual volunteerism in our local communities. Check out Renee's brief comments below.

United Way supports many of the organizations with which we’ll be volunteering. If you’re interested in joining us this week, it’s not too late. Reach out to or to see how you can make a difference in your area. If you can’t join us (or even if you can), stay informed by following us at #NordicGivesBack on social media. Happy giving!