Nordic launches Cerner Solutions

MADISON, Wis. Nordic is excited to announce that it has launched a new Cerner Solutions business line, adding to the diverse list of solutions Nordic offers to meet the needs of healthcare organizations.

Founded in 2010 with a focus on EHR implementation with Epic experts, Nordic quickly grew to become the industry leader in Epic consulting. Over the past several years, Nordic has evolved to expand its offerings to meet the needs of its clients, including advisory services, performance improvement, ERP Solutions and Managed Services.

“Nordic’s mission has always been to help healthcare organizations create better patient outcomes,” Nordic CEO Jim Costanzo said. “We look forward to reaching more organizations and helping more patients with our Cerner Solutions.”

In launching this new business line, Nordic has listened to requests from many of its current partners to offer additional support with their Cerner systems. Built with the same proven formula of providing the highest quality consultants and meaningful partnerships, Nordic plans to grow its Cerner Solutions practice organically by attracting the industry’s best consultants. 

Over 400 health systems, including some of the largest in the United States, have a Cerner EHR. Cerner Millennium is a mature and stable system, which is experiencing growth through add-ons such as oncology and population health.

“Healthcare organizations are updating and modernizing their EHRs to conform with new regulatory and standardization norms,” Nordic Executive Advisor Mary Pat Fralick said. “Plus with the current activity in mergers and acquisitions, there is an increase in Millennium implementations for both hospital and physician practices, which includes revenue cycle. This environment provides a great opportunity for Nordic to partner with healthcare organizations as we continue to serve our patient populations.”