HIT Breakdown 8 – The fourth step in our population health model: Intervention

We carry on with our discussion on population health in our podcast, the HIT Breakdown. For today’s show we look at the fourth step: intervention. Using congestive heart failure (CHF) as an example, we learn how healthcare providers are taking steps to actively intervene in patients' health outcomes.

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We're continuing to leverage the expertise of both Dr. David Levin, who is the Chief Medical Officer at Nordic, and Susan Marks, Director of Population Health at Amati Health. The links to the audio file appear below. (An option to download is at the very bottom.)

If you want to talk about population health or other challenges related to getting the most out of your EHR, please contact us. We’d enjoy the conversation.

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Show Notes

[01:19] - Overview of the five-step model

[01:37] - Step 4: Intervention

[02:20] - Example: designing an intervention for complex case management, CHF

[05:00] - Identify, Stratify, Engage, Intervene in CHF population

[07:43] - "The devil in the details"

[08:07] - Evidence based vs. clinical practice in CHF guidelines and performance measurements

[10:50] - Programmatic intervention steps

[13:09] - Leveraging what you have before you invest in more

About the HIT Breakdown

In the HIT Breakdown, we interview industry experts on topics related to health information technology. While the topics will often be related to your Epic EHR, we’ll also be talking about broader issues and strategic challenges that impact your ability to improve healthcare.


Topics: methodology, Health IT, EHR, population health

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