Achieving a return on your EHR investment in 2018 and beyond [2-min. video]

The next five years will demand that you realize a return on investment from your EHR — no easy task when you're being asked to reduce staff, cut costs, and take on additional organizational priorities. The good news is, we're here to help.

Watch the video below to e-meet our new EVP of client partnerships, Michelle Lichte, and hear a little bit about the bold moves we're making in the revenue cycle and ERP spaces in 2018. 


If you plan to be in Las Vegas for HIMSS in March, Michelle and the other members of our team would love to connect with you. You can find us at booth #5154, at our reception, or by emailing us to set up a specific time to connect.


Hi, I'm Michelle Lichte, executive vice president of Nordic's Client Partnerships team. The coming years in healthcare will be some of the most exicting and challenging we've ever seen. As a healthcare leader, you're facing a litany of competing priorities, and you're being asked to complete those tasks with fewer resources. You might be thinking: How do I continue to maintain and optimize my system while I'm being asked to reduce head count? How do I create a digital health strategy that encompasses the core technologies my patients are looking for?

At Nordic, we know the healthcare industry has evolved far beyond EHR implementations. The next five years will mandate that you achieve an even greater return on your investment. And we're here. We're up to the task; we're ready. We're making bold moves to help you with your evolving needs. We're acquiring additional revenue cycle capabiilites so that we can help you improve efficiencies. And we're headed into the ERP space as well, so we can help you with a broader array of your IT initiatives. 

We're really excited about this. As we move forward. we know it can be hard to find a vendor who acts as a true partner. Too often, vendors want to talk about their solutions and not your problems. Let this be the year we show you true partnership. We'll listen first, we'll talk second, and we'll get to know you better. And then we'll offer you customized solutions, be it data & analytics, strategy, implementation, optimization, or a combination of the services we provide. We're excited about the coming year, and we'd love the opportunity to collaborate to make it great. Please don't hesitate to reach out for a chat. I'd love to meet you or reconnect.


Topics: EHR, Implementation, Performance Improvement

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