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Your experience as a candidate for a job has an enormous impact on the way you view a company. Perhaps you’ve had an experience where an interviewer didn’t seem to understand the role you were applying for, or you were shuffled from interview to interview without a clear explanation of why you were meeting with each person. Worst of all, maybe you had an interview and never heard back from the company.

At Nordic, our Talent team is laser-focused on making sure your interactions with us feel personal, honest, and attuned to your specific needs. 

Here are five elements of our hiring process that we think set Nordic apart. 


1. We care about who you are (not just what you can do). 

We recently walked into a room of remote team members on Nordic’s Managed Services team. Many team members had not met in person before, but each one was greeted immediately with hugs and happy hellos. Rather than a cursory, “Nice to meet you,” the team jumped straight into, “How’s your family? Did you enjoy your first onsite client visit? Any highlights from your vacation last month?”

We think this story illustrates how our team views our candidates – not just as resumes, but as people with priorities, interests, and challenges in and out of the workplace. Our team considers "Listen," the third Nordic maxim, to be our North Star when talking to candidates. We aim to understand as much as we can about who they are and what they value, so that we can help them find a role that's a strong fit.

Maybe a candidate loves to manage other people and wants to grow their ability in that area. Maybe a candidate just welcomed their second child and needs a lighter travel schedule to be home with their family. Whatever it is, we encourage you to share your story with us so we can be thoughtful about presenting you with a position you’ll love. 

2. We'll be honest with you.

Matching people with roles is an art rather than a science, and we will be transparent with you throughout that process. We believe it's always better to set clear expectations with candidates, rather than pushing them into a role that might not set them up for success. We may even dissuade a candidate from pursuing a certain role if we know that it doesn’t align with their preferences or aspirations.

For example, a candidate told us she wanted to grow into project management, and we knew she had the potential. When she expressed interest in a role that we knew she could easily fill but wouldn’t help her on her path toward project leadership, we told her so even though it meant we might have to find another candidate for that opening. 

We’ve always known that a happy employee is a win-win for the employee, Nordic, and any clients they may serve on our team.

3. We're experts in our areas.

Many of our Talent teammates have healthcare experience, and all are committed to understanding the industry on a deeper level and mastering the areas we hire for. This allows us to have engaging conversations with candidates that extend beyond the basics of a job description and can even get a little nerdy. We often hear from candidates, "Wow, you guys really know your stuff!" This always makes us smile, and it reminds us that at every step of the way in the hiring process, a candidate's best advocate is someone who can see their career potential and how Nordic could be part of that path. 

Whether you aspire to be a traveling Epic consultant, a data & analytics expert, or an HR specialist in our home office, you'll work with someone in Talent who understands not only what your day-to-day would look like, but also how your role would fit within the broader healthcare market. 

4. We’ll keep in touch.

Everyone at Nordic wants you to have a great experience as a candidate with us, whether you come on board right away or you’re considering us from afar. With that in mind, our team will check in with you periodically to pass along potential opportunities, see if anything has changed for you, or even just catch up.

We pledge never to be pushy or plague your inbox with constant emails; we’re happy to follow your lead on how often we’re in touch. We want to be like a mentor or an old friend – an approachable, industry-savvy resource you can always reach out to with career questions. And, of course, we’ll keep you and your preferences top-of-mind when that great Nordic fit arises. 

5. We respect our industry partners.

We take our relationships with our client and vendor partners very seriously. That means that if you’re still under non-compete obligations, or you work for a current or prospective client partner of ours, you won’t hear from us until you’re eligible to work here. 

We think it’s important to emphasize this philosophy so that candidates in these situations understand why we won't reach out proactively or take immediate steps if they get in touch with us. We are eager to work with you, but we’re equally eager to have the best possible relationship with our partners in the industry. Our maxim “Do what’s right” says it best; it’s always worth it to act with integrity.


We want every experience you have with Nordic to delight you, even if you don’t end up with us. If you have questions about working at Nordic or want to apply for an open position, please head over to our Current Openings page or reach out to the Candidate Relations team directly. We would love to hear your feedback on your candidate experience and tell you more about how great it could be to work at Nordic.


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