How my onboarding experience with Nordic went above and beyond

I’ve been a consultant for several years with different companies, so I’m used to the process of starting a new project on a tight timeline. I know what to expect in terms of process as well as delivery.

That’s why I wanted to take some time to talk about the onboarding experience I had with Nordic. I had very high expectations for Nordic, and they exceeded all of them, delivering an onboarding experience that went above and beyond what I’ve experienced at any other firm.

First of all, whenever you join a new company or even a new project, it’s really important for the process to be smooth and precise. The timing is absolutely crucial. Nordic’s delivery of the logistics and communication was the best I’d ever seen. I didn’t have to ask for the documents I needed; they sent me everything I needed to e-sign and verify online. Even though there were different people requesting different documents, the communication between their personnel was seamless and clear.

I also found Nordic’s delivery of first-day logistics to be extremely professional and helpful. With other companies, I’ve often shown up onsite to find that no one expects me, or I’ve been given the wrong information about where to go, or something else is missing. With Nordic, my first-day logistics were on point, and everything was as I expected.


One of the best benefits of working with Nordic is the relationship I’ve been able to build with my practice manager. She takes the initiative to set up a recurring meeting with me, and she comes with a clear agenda rather than just leaving it open-ended. I've found that open-ended meetings at other companies can result in unproductive discussions. For example, our first touchbase focused on my onboarding experience, which gave me a chance to provide feedback and hear from her on the client’s feedback. She also makes it clear that I can call her any time to discuss the project or anything that’s going on in my life.

I was particularly impressed that my practice manager came to me proactively to mention a new certification that Epic offers for curriculum development. Often, you’re left to hear these updates from other consultants or industry buzz, and it was extremely helpful to hear it from someone who could provide direct information from the UserWeb, keep me up-to-date on deadlines, and empower me to pursue the certification.

Overall, I would recommend Nordic to anyone who is trying to decide between consulting firms. These benefits sound small, but when you’ve been with several companies like I have, you recognize how much of a difference they make to your success and overall happiness.


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