How Nordic's Managed Services can help with short-term demand spikes

If you’re hosting relatives for a large Thanksgiving dinner, you’re most likely not going to buy a second oven and dishwasher for your home or hire a live-in chef to a long-term contract. Instead you may ask some of your culinarily inclined family members to prepare and bring a dish. Or you may offload the more tedious cooking and baking tasks entirely by ordering from a restaurant or grocery store.

The same is true when planning to go live with Epic, roll out a phase 2 application, or upgrade your Epic EHR. For the weeks immediately following go-live, you’ll have short-term, unpredictable application support needs. You need short-term help to get through the high volume.

When you think of Tier 2 application managed services, you may think of long-term offloading of support and maintenance. In addition to longer term support, Nordic Managed Services offers short-term, remote command center support. Here are a few reasons managed services can help your organization for a short-term project by taking a few concerns off your plate. 


Prepare for the unpredictability of go-live

Simply put, go-live is unpredictable. Each project and each organization is different. It’s hard to predict exactly how many team members you’ll need to manage increased ticket demand and how long that peak demand will last. Nordic’s Managed Services lets you staff up for the event with a team of experts to support your end users until things stabilize, giving you one less thing to worry about.


When adding short-term help for that event, knowledge and experience matter. Our award-winning Managed Services team has the credentials. Even if this go-live isn’t your first rodeo, our team has wrangled both expected and unexpected issues during hundreds of go-lives of all shapes and sizes. That experience allows us to anticipate challenges and minimize disruption to normal operations.

Flexibility to adjust to your changing needs

No matter how much you plan, your needs can suddenly shift in the weeks leading up to and immediately following go-live. In the days and weeks after you flip the switch, ticket volumes will increase for some applications and decrease for others. Most healthcare organizations don’t have the flexibility to shift resources from one application to another when a spike in demand arises. Our remote consultants have an average of five Epic certifications. That means they can easily adjust their focus from one application to another as ticket volumes vary. Working together as a team, they will continue to meet the demands of your end users without additional onboarding or lost time.

Structuring support processes

If you’re implementing Epic, adding applications, or extending Epic to an affiliate partner, you may not already have support processes in place. Our experts can help you structure your support system. We’ll ensure you’re prepared for the transition and able to measure results with the right KPIs for your organization.

Go-live insurance

In the case of implementing Epic, you’re preparing to transform your organization with likely one of the largest financial investments your organization has ever made. You’re facing the pressure of media coverage, delivering on your promise of a better patient experience, and keeping everything running smoothly for your end users during the transition. First impressions are key to provider buy-in. That trust is what will ultimately make this project a success. With so much on the line, you can sleep easier knowing that you’re covered with a little insurance in the form of expert support for a fraction of your overall investment.

If you’d like to discuss your upcoming projects and how Nordic Managed Services can help, please give us a call.


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