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Growing, teaching: A way of life at Nordic

We recently showed you a little of how we're growing our consultants by giving you an inside look at our Strategic Affiliate Management Training Program. Because of that success, we've added a Security Optimization Training Program to our offerings for Nordic consultants. What these programs mean is continual growth for our teams and the promise that new skills will be shared throughout our client base.

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Nordic launches Strategic Affiliate Management training program

Nordic has launched the Nordic Strategy Affiliate Management training program. This internal training program helps to grow our Affiliate Solutions project managers and develop additional project managers to serve the needs of our clients as they are involved in mergers and acquisitions as well as extending Epic to smaller, independent partners

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Prepare for a successful season with EHR spring training

Have you considered a sort of spring training for your next Epic EHR endeavor? There is a great opportunity to inspire your team and paint a vision of just how great healthcare delivery can be with the well-thought-out use of your EHR.

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