[Webinar recording] Making Data Governance Actionable

The mountain of data that a healthcare organization collects can be daunting, but truly understanding it can be absolutely critical to improving patient outcomes and streamlining efficiencies. The problem is, your data governance strategy may not be stood up, or if it is, it isn’t working as expected. Maybe you’ve tried to deploy data governance in the past, but have run into challenges identifying data stewards, engaging stakeholders, or establishing cross-functional accountability. We understand. It can be a frustrating process – one that’s left you asking: Why is it so hard to have data governance in healthcare?

It shouldn’t be so hard to align your people and processes with your technology for a successful data governance program. A panel of experts from Penn Medicine, MemorialCare, Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS), and Nordic offered their thoughts and advice on this topic in our webinar “Making Data Governance Actionable.” They discussed what data governance is and why organizations should invest in it, the value of data governance in healthcare, how and where to start a successful data governance journey, and common pitfalls to watch out for.

Panelists included:

  • Jim Beinlich - Chief Data Information Officer and VP, Penn Medicine
  • Niloo Steele - Chief Analytics Officer and VP, Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS)
  • John O'Toole - Director of Analytics and Data Governance, MemorialCare
  • Craig Joseph, M.D. - Chief Medical Officer, Nordic

Below you can view the full recording of this webinar. If you have any questions after watching the webinar, would like to discuss how to embark on your data governance journey, or need help strengthening your existing strategy, let’s talk.


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