Webinar Recording: Strategically preparing your organization for 2021 E/M transitions

A proposed CMS rule change will go into effect on Jan. 1, 2021 and result in the biggest modifications to evaluation and management (E/M) codes in nearly three decades. Organizations that aren't prepared for these changes could face takebacks, future audits, adverse impacts to risk adjustment scores, and other financial and quality implications.

Some organizations may be approaching the upcoming transition focused solely on provider education. However, there are many upstream and downstream implications from the changes as well as the opportunity to strategically optimize EHR workflows and physician documentation requirements.

In preparation for the transition, Dr. Craig Joseph, Nordic’s Chief Medical Officer, led a webinar along with members of the performance improvement team, Amy Rettler, Lorin Martin, and Shonna Marshall. Our presenters shared the potential implications to organizations that do not consider a holistic change management approach that includes operations, IT, and other business units.

Attendees learned how common documentation has evolved alongside billing for medical fees. This evolution continues to change the way providers engage in patient care, bill, and spend time on documentation. Additionally, the discussion included a summary of key changes, how organizations should be preparing, and what outcomes to expect as a result of the CMS rule change.

Topics covered in the webinar

  • How physician charging and documentation have evolved
  • What changes will be made to E/M coding in 2021
  • How E/M coding changes may improve provider and organizational outcomes
  • Risks for organizations that are not adequately prepared, including an income loss estimated at approximately 25% per provider
  • How to strategically prepare for Jan. 1 by engaging key leaders, educating support staff, physicians, coders, and auditors, and conducting an impact analysis

Below is a recording of the webinar. After listening, if you’d like to talk about how the E/M documentation changes may affect your organization, contact us at AskNordic@nordicwi.com.




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