COVID-19: How to recover

Your organization needs an efficient path to recover losses from COVID-19. Nordic’s experienced, cross-functional team of operational and IT experts collaborate with you to create and execute a holistic plan to strengthen your organization and lay the foundation for a better future. 

As you work through the organizational challenges related to COVID-19, we're here to help:

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Welcome patients back safely

  • Communicate, build trust, optimize online scheduling (watch video)
  • Enable more robust portal experiences (watch video)

Ensure your teams are at peak productivity

Expedite cash flow

Still ramping up?

If you are currently adjusting for the wave(s) ahead, we can help:

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[Webinar] We are better together: Using telehealth and technology to serve patients during the COVID-19 crisis

One of our maxims is, "Make it about 'We,'" and sharing our knowledge for the greater good has never been more important than today. In that spirit, we recently hosted a discussion on how organizations are using telehealth and technology to better serve patients during the COVID-19 crisis. Experts from Hartford HealthCare, MultiCare, UCSF Health, UW Health, and other organizations joined the panel and shared what’s working and where they are struggling. Watch the recording to listen, learn in hopes of helping advance technology during the growing crisis. Here are some of the topics covered:

  • How and what organizations are communicating to patients
  • What technology is working
  • Tips for keeping up with the ever-changing landscape
  • Contingency planning


[Webinar] The impact of COVID-19 on Health Informatics

Dr. Laura Copeland and Alison MacDonald from our partners at Healthtech Consultants in Canada recently led a discussion on the impact and importance of  technology during the COVID-19 crisis.

This presentation explored the following topics:

  • How we are supporting two large jurisdictional EHR projects to maintain and actually ramp up their projects. This entails changing the implementation approach while still addressing stakeholder engagement at a time when stakeholders have competing priorities, many of which are higher priorities than the EHR project.
  • Operationalizing virtual visits during the pandemic and the impact that they are having on care
  • The appearance of new tools and process to support items such as new COVID-19 ICD-10 codes and COVID-19 Tracking

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