CONNECT THE DOTS The Pathway to Interoperability

Diverse data siloed across hundreds of apps. Where to start?

Technology works best when it is part of an interoperable ecosystem. Implementing and centralizing interoperability solutions enables you to standardize the flow of data across your technology solutions, saving time, reducing technical debt, and improving the patient and care team experience. But the perfect technology ecosystem is rare. As your technology footprint changes, and as healthcare standards evolve, you may find yourself with bespoke, outdated, and costly integrations.

Share your challenges with us and we’ll design a plan to streamline, modernize, or enhance your interoperability posture based on our experience creating solutions for leading healthcare organizations.

Let's Connect

When your data does more, your people can do more

Connected data with context is crucial for effective decision-making, but too often systems don’t talk to one another. With our deep expertise across all major EHR systems, we take a platform-based approach to enable connectivity. While integrations will continue to require point-to-point setup, a standard approach to interoperability leads to reduced maintenance and implementation times and provides a strong foundation for interoperability improvements over time.

Turn your technology into an enabler, not a roadblock. 

Are you ready for the ONC Interoperability and Info Blocking deadlines?

Our system-agnostic approach enables you to leverage your existing EHR, integration engines, programming languages, and even cloud hosting providers to comply with the changing ONC rules. Not only will we help you achieve compliance, but we’ll also provide recommendations to advance your interoperability strategy further to provide a seamless journey for the patient and their family.

Address your ONC rule compliance through a free assessment with our strategic advisory team.

Connect data, technology, and people

Plug and play solutions and “two-week implementations” may sound appealing, but, as many have learned, it is rarely that easy. When you do roll out a new technology, the implementation plan typically ignores the broader technical needs in favor of fast access to the EHR data. Creating a connected ecosystem will enable you to manage your technologies as a cohort and help them thrive together. We’ll share industry best practices and create a unique plan to solve your specific interoperability challenges.

We’re here to help you connect the dots to make better use of your data.

End-to-end solutions for your data

Solving interoperability challenges requires taking a holistic and standards-based approach to your data. Beyond connectivity, you need to be able to effectively analyze, store, and secure your data against potential threats. We leverage our expertise across data & analytics, cloud, and cybersecurity, combined with our deep clinical and operational experience, to deliver healthier data and healthier people.

Expertise with healthcare IT software

Interoperability is for providers, payers, and vendors, and we often engage with software firms as they innovate to make healthcare better. By leveraging our existing experience with clinical EHRs, interoperability standards, and software product development, we’re well-positioned to help health IT software vendors better meet ecosystem needs. Our advisory services, interoperability products, and development teams enable connectivity using the appropriate health data standards, and we’re excited to bring this experience to the entire healthcare market. 


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