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Develop a data & analytics strategy for right now and someday


Your organization strives to deliver better care at a lower cost. To do that, you need a cohesive, forward-thinking data & analytics strategy, informed by actionable insights and measurable KPIs. Our team of data advisers will work with you to develop a strategy that sets your organization up for success – right now and well into the future. We’ll help you arrive at impactful decisions that lead to better business and patient outcomes.

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You need to stay up-to-date on the latest health IT advancements

To develop a cohesive, forward-thinking data & analytics strategy, you need to stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in information systems, consumer health, and digital health. The problem is, technology is changing so rapidly. It’s challenging to spot a fad from a revolutionary innovation.

You may not have time to research the systems or technology that will deliver the best outcomes for your organization. You may also be lacking the data and insights to inform your decisions. Because of this, you could be feeling frustrated by your organization’s struggle to data & analytics strategy needs.

You deserve to understand your digital options

You deserve to have a full understanding of the information systems and business and patient insights that inform your data & analytics strategy. However, there are a lot of factors and stakeholders involved, which can make it challenging to determine the best options for your specific organization.

Our team of D&A advisers will guide you to decisions that work best for you, your clinicians, and your operational teams. We have deep experience across the spectrum of healthcare data solutions and structures, and expertise in the latest health IT advancements. We’ll get you the insights you need to develop your data & analytics strategy and choose the right digital options for your organization.

How we can help

Nordic’s data advisory services team takes the time to learn and understand your business needs from multiple perspectives. From that deep dive, we’ll develop a data strategy that’s specific to your organization and gives you a clear path for driving greater efficiencies and better patient care.

Our seasoned advisers and strategists have guided clients through complex and foundational initiatives in areas such as:

  • Enterprise data & analytics strategy
  • Enterprise data warehousing
  • Cloud strategy
  • Data asset management
  • Digital strategy
  • M&A data interoperability and interchange
  • Data governance
  • Population health
  • Value-based care
  • Predictive analytics (AI, machine learning)

How we work together

How we work with you mountain

The Nordic difference

Data solutions for people, by people

Deep experience

We have deep experience guiding our clients to a best-fit D&A solution – one that’s personalized for each of your end users. From EHR data models to vendor-specific applications, you can lean on our expertise to ensure your teams have reliable, accurate data to make informed and timely decisions.  

Broad skillset

Our well-rounded team of data scientists, statisticians, and analysts look at your data challenges from every angle. We span the data spectrum to provide you a single solution that makes sense to each individual end user.  

Technology-agnostic capabilities

We never let technology get in the way of providing a Personalized D&A Approach – one that’s focused on a person’s unique understanding of data. That’s why we’re equipped to partner with you, no matter the application, platform, or visualizations required for your project.  

Academic methodology

Our academic methodology pays close attention to the most important piece of your data solution – your end users. As part of this methodology, we conduct cognitive research to determine how your teams are consuming and understanding data. That way, we’ll embed meaningful, user-specific changes into the workflow – changes that actually drive action.