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Conversations with health and technology experts

Nordic’s In Network podcast features conversations between health and technology experts from across the globe. It consists of several shows, including Designing for Health and Making Rounds. 

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Show: Designing for Health

When it comes to how healthcare works in the U.S., one wonders, who designed it? Well, no one. And that’s the problem. Dr. Craig Joseph and Dr. Jerome Pagani speak with luminaries from across the health ecosystem about how to make healthcare work for humans. The upshot? The way out of the frustrating, expensive, and frequently ineffective quagmire of the U.S. healthcare system is to take a step back and bring intentional, human-centered design to an ecosystem that works for the people giving and receiving care.

Designing for Health | Dr. Lyle Berkowitz

Designing for Health | Dr. Zafar Chaudry

Designing for Health | Dr. CT Lin

Designing for Health | Omar Nagji

Designing for Health | Dr. Srinath Adusumalli


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Show: Making Rounds

How can the combination of people, data, and technology change how care is delivered and people engage with their health? Healthcare leaders and industry experts from around the world offer their unique perspectives on just that.

Making Rounds | The up- and downside of disintermediation

Making Rounds | The Big Squeeze in Healthcare