Project Management

Drive your projects forward with experienced project managers

Projects can quickly get off-track if there isn't a clearly defined owner organizing the work, tracking progress, and mitigating risks. Effective project managers provide numerous benefits to your organization, including:

  • Increased project success by delivering on time, under budget, and within defined scope
  • Transparency of project statuses and accountability for barriers
  • Accurate resource planning and forecasting
  • Enhanced core program management processes
  • Increased customer satisfaction

We provide expertise across the entire EHR lifetime, from pre-implementation planning through post-live stabilization, future strategic planning, and optimization. With 40 PMP-certified project management consultants, Nordic offers a unique perspective that incorporates your EHR vendor's methodology and strong project and program management principles.

Our consultants draw on an intimate understanding of the co-dependencies across applications, operational areas, and project phases to manage and monitor all concurrent work streams appropriately. Through this expert-driven oversight, we ensure you're expending effort and organizational energy on the right issues at the right times.

Our methodology is designed to successfully adopt newly implemented software systems and meet strategic goals across your organization.

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Effective oversight and management

Our leadership consultants bring knowledge and lessons learned from previous projects to guide you from kickoff through stabilization. We’ll help you concentrate on the most important tasks and partner with you to strategize and execute across key project areas such as

Quality control

We track project progress toward milestones, help identify risks and mitigate them, and ensure work is advancing appropriately

Forecasting and planning ahead

We'll help you get ahead of the big decisions and avoid a "just-in-time" approach to project management

Coordinating teams and resources

Through an understanding of the co-dependencies across applications, operational areas, and project phases, we will ensure the multitude of concurrent work streams are appropriately organized, managed, and monitored


We help you execute your communication plan to ensure your project team, leadership, and users are aware of progress and risks and there is effective communication among all stakeholders

End-user adoption

We work with you to develop an end-user adoption strategy you'll leverage throughout your project to ensure your users are prepared for the upcoming change

Benefits realization

We'll help you identify the key value drivers in your project and establish key performance indicators by which you'll measure your success

Project management tools and templates

Our team brings the experience of hundreds of projects and knows exactly how to supplement your EHR vendor's methodology and tools. Our Nordic Toolkit contains over 130 documentation tools and templates that serve as a starting point for your team, saving you time and money. We can customize our tools or use standards you've already established to best support your unique project needs. Example Toolkit documents include

  • Templates for project planning, status reports, project charters, risk tracking, change control, and lessons learned
  • Recommendations and best practices related to communication planning, integrated change control and build migration, risk management, and organizational change management
  • Tools to monitor progress with third parties, identify risks and issues, and communicate action plans

Preparing for long-term success

Nordic understands that complete knowledge transfer and ensuring your staff are prepared for long-term ownership is critical to your success. Throughout your project, your Nordic team partners with you to ensure continual growth and comprehensive knowledge transfer. At project completion, our consultants provide thorough transition documentation your staff can reference long-term.

Power your strategic projects with industry-leading project management.

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