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Connecting health and technology in North America

Nordic works with healthcare organizations, including providers and payers, throughout North America. Leveraging our expertise in helping hospitals navigate their journey to a digital world, we are health and technology consultants who combine deep clinical experience with extensive technical knowledge. We see a new era in healthcare where everyone on the care team can connect seamlessly to make systems, businesses, and people healthier.  

We work tirelessly to overcome complexity and connect the right teams to keep people well. From hospitals serving local communities, to organizations with nationwide coverage, we believe collaboration across clinical teams and digital initiatives will lead to a healthier population and streamlined process that benefit providers and patients alike.

Harness technology to bring healthcare forward

Nordic provides a broad range of consulting services, including strategic advisory, digital and cloud initiatives, implementation and support, ERP services, and enterprise technology transformation. Our more than 700 clients trust us to help them identify and focus on the most important priorities, and consistently deliver impact that makes health systems, and the people they serve, healthier.

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