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Enable new partnerships with a unified EHR platform

Abby explains how Nordic can help you with not only technology but also strategy for your merger or acquisition.

Mergers and acquisitions bring new opportunities and big challenges for healthcare organizations. That combination demands unifying not just the EHR platform, but the cultures and workflows of all involved. We weave our knowledge and experience into powerful transformation strategies, helping organizations combine disparate organizations into one unified care delivery team.

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Implement collaboratively

Our people-first approach ensures your team members are actively involved from day one. We meet regularly to receive system build approval, adhere to your change control structure, and integrate new processes. A shared transition plan ensures all open issues are discussed, optimization opportunities are seized, and documentation is completed in full.

Manage change

Change management and communication are critical factors for partnership success. We guide your efforts to merge not only your EHR but also to unite the cultures of both organizations to ensure a successful relationship. We also help you create policies, develop and implement your communication plan, and support continuous discussion and information sharing.

Unify your system

We identify and balance the unique aspects of each organization to extend your EHR and streamline care throughout your transition. Armed with our proprietary documentation toolkit, we can help you uncover critical policy differences to help you proactively tackle challenges and plan for the future.

More than just health IT

Transitioning or extending your EHR isn't just about implementing IT. Your EHR transforms your clinical systems and fundamentally changes the way clinical users work, demanding careful attention to managing change. We recognize the size and scope of these projects and address your organization's unique challenges with close support each step of the way.



Our Affiliate team works closely with you to develop a strategic plan for extension, including business and financial models, governance structure, and change management.


With a strategy in place, our engagement advisors work with your team to analyze policy and process gaps between organizations, assess technology and data conversion needs, and help both teams begin working in a shared governance structure.


Using our Affiliate Solutions Toolset with over 160 tools and templates, we provide system build and testing support, end-user training, go-live support, and issue triage and resolution.


Following system deployment, we can provide ongoing managed services support to give affiliates the high level of support and responsiveness they expect at a predictable cost. When you simply don't have the bandwidth to take on new affiliates while meeting your current users' service-level agreements, we offer partial or full support to fill any existing gaps.

The Nordic difference

60+ Epic extension clients

300 Consultants with extension experience

160+ Tools & templates and a proven methodology


Our Affiliate Solutions team provides expert knowledge and support to consultants and clients. Engagement advisors review and contribute to deliverables, provide documentation from our toolkit, and meet regularly with client and consultant teams to offer best practices and recommendations based upon our previous extension projects.


The Nordic Toolkit contains over 160 documentation tools and templates that serve as a powerful starting point for program development and implementation.


Consultants in leadership positions attend Strategic Affiliate Management Training to collaborate on common extension challenges. Our Affiliate Solutions team educates consultants on lessons learned and best practices. This training provides a forum for in-person discussion with peers and hands-on experience with the Nordic Toolkit. We also provide education for clients by presenting our experiences and best practice recommendations.


We've helped organizations on both sides of an EHR extension. Whether you're expanding your system to new providers or receiving an EHR from another health system, we know how to address challenges from both perspectives.

ThedaCare & Nordic

Learn how ThedaCare partnered with Nordic to implement Epic across two hospitals and 18 clinics in only five months.


Nordic proved to be a dedicated, trustworthy, and reliable partner. The Nordic team was open to feedback and adjusted quickly to our timeline and cultural needs. The team’s system knowledge, as well as their communication and problem-solving skills, ensured our success during our rapid extension of Epic.

BETH MALCHETSKE, Director of Business Integration, ThedaCare

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