Mergers and Acquisitions

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Accelerating value through consolidation

Healthcare leaders partner with Nordic on merger and acquisition projects to quickly unlock the full potential of the combined organization. Consolidating EHR systems, workflows, ERP systems, and other platforms can introduce considerable challenges. By weaving in decades of experience with successful consolidation projects, Nordic accelerates the value organizations see from mergers and acquisitions thanks to powerful transformation strategies that consider both the systems and the people who will be using them. This time-tested approach allows disparate organizations to successfully integrate into one strong, unified care delivery team that achieves better patient outcomes at lower costs.

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People-first EHR implementations

Creating a successful unified care delivery team means both effectively integrating systems and compassionately bringing together affected team members. We understand that mergers and acquisitions can be overwhelming, which is why Nordic works closely with your IT, clinical, and business operations teams every step of the way. Following a shared transition plan, Nordic ensures all aspects of the integration are optimized for success and that stakeholders feel confident and comfortable with the changes ahead.


Successful change management

Most leaders understand the importance of change management and communication to overall success, but they underestimate the depth and breadth necessary to be successful. This is where Nordic’s experts come in. At Nordic, we incorporate these fundamental change management principles into our consolidation methodology and tools to give your team the guidance and support it needs to develop policies with strong executive governance, detailed communication plans, and consistent support discussions and information sharing. The benefits include prioritizing stakeholder and end-user input, system and process training, and adoption of new systems and processes across your organization.


Unifying your systems

Nordic works closely across your new enterprise to balance the distinctive aspects of each organization. This approach ensures we consolidate your systems and streamline care throughout your transition and also accelerate the value you will achieve from these transitions. Nordic's methodology guides the analysis and decision making of your EHR, ERP, and other technology systems to design a future-state environment that will be effective across your new enterprise.


Why healthcare leaders choose Nordic

Nordic is transforming the way healthcare systems successfully consolidate EHR and other systems by providing unrivaled, end-to-end support that brings together the three main pillars of consolidation success: People, Process, and Technology.

We understand healthcare from every angle, guiding your technology integration to unlock clinical, operational, and financial value. With our unique methodology for integration strategy in mergers and acquisitions, we partner with you to accelerate and maximize the value of consolidation from strategic planning through implementation and long-term support.

Our understanding of how these transitions affect clinical systems both financially and operationally means that leaders and staff can trust that your next merger or acquisition will be a positive experience that puts patients first and minimizes the disruption of care. 


How to ensure a positive physician experience during EHR consolidation [Panel Discussion]

Watch now as Nordic physician leaders Dr. Laura Copeland, Dr. Craig Joseph, and Dr. Michael Augustyniak, along with moderator Win Vaughan, Managing Director Markets, Advisory Services, discuss ways to provide a positive clinician experience during an EHR consolidation.

How Nordic maximizes value for the best EHR implementation management


As we execute on the strategic plan, Nordic deploys our hand-picked Engagement Executives who put your unique integration plan into practice. Your personal Engagement Executive will guide your Nordic team in customizing industry best practices to develop an integration plan that recognizes the various opportunities and challenges involved. This includes:

  • Identifying quick wins
  • Sequencing the necessary steps for high-value opportunities
  • Developing budgets and timelines that include change management

This main point of contact reviews all deliverables, ensuring that Nordic’s distinctive, end-to-end support enables a streamlined path to full integration. Our advisors are continually expanding our proprietary Nordic Toolkit, which results in the ability to provide strategies, implementation, and documentation best-suited to delivering accelerated value.

With this approach the team will spend less time worrying about the minute ins-and-outs of implementing a successful EHR consolidation and more time gathering input and feedback from relevant parties. This means beginning the education process earlier for all eventual users, increasing overall adoption of the program, and ensuring a smooth transition for everyone.

Nordic is transforming the way healthcare systems successfully consolidate EHR and other systems by providing unrivaled, end-to-end support that brings together the three main pillars of consolidation success: People, Process, and Technology. 


At Nordic, we provide a truly unique experience for our clients, offering a full, end-to-end consolidation process that focuses on your organization’s individual needs and goals.

To accomplish this, our experienced team works closely with your organization to develop the right strategic plan for those goals. As we begin, we’ll carefully consider all the benefits you are looking to realize from business and financial models to governance structure and change management. With this strategy in place, Nordic’s Engagement Executives will help you accelerate the overall value of the integration by quickly and effectively:

  • Analyzing operations to uncover process gaps and recommend solutions
  • Articulating technology and data conversion needs
  • Creating a shared governance structure
  • Analyzing your current application portfolio
  • Developing total cost of ownership estimates
  • Enhancing revenue cycle opportunities
  • Recommending data hygiene best practices
  • Providing opportunistic outsourced support

Our team uses their decades of experience to provide best-practice knowledge in areas like workflow design and configuration, testing, education, go-live planning, and more. With these strategies in place, our team guides you through every facet of the integration, so you know exactly what to expect.



As we discuss deployment planning, the team will also be working with your organization to decide on the right long-term support strategy for post-integration, as well as legacy support, data migration and archiving strategies during integration. Based on your goals, our team will recommend different options, including ongoing managed services and legacy system support or retirement that deliver stabilization and provide long-term maintenance.

For EHR managed services support, your team will find a complete package of high-level support and responsiveness at a guaranteed fixed cost. If you find your team simply doesn’t have the bandwidth to take on new users while meeting your current users’ service-level agreements, we can provide partial or full managed support to fill any existing gaps, including:

  • Service Desk Support
  • Application Support
  • Ongoing Education Services

As you begin to use your newly extended EHR system, your team may be challenged to properly maintain legacy systems. To help support you with those important systems, our EHR experts can offer full-service legacy system support so that you ensure a seamless experience for both users and patients. This means helping you transition your full IT team at once, avoiding any technology gaps with end users, and staying current on any needed updates for regulatory purposes.

The tools and insights geared towards your success



Discover why the Nordic Toolkit is one of the best ways to accelerate the value of your next merger or acquisition. Our proprietary Toolkit contains over 160 documentation tools and templates that serve as a powerful starting point for strategy development and implementation. Armed with the expertise and unwavering support of our experienced team and the tools and templates in the Toolkit, your organization will be well-set for a truly successful EHR implementation that enables an increased focus on your people. 


A 360° VIEW

At Nordic, we take a bird’s-eye view of each project, whether your organization is looking to merge systems, divest from current systems, or bring certain partners together during acquisitions. Over more than two decades, we've helped organizations consolidate their systems and unify their workflows, accelerating the value they see at every turn. 







“We needed a partner who could provide executive support and could also help us staff the effort at a level that would allow us to hit our target go-live date. Nordic provided us with exceptional leadership staff in addition to technical expertise. Our partnership with Nordic helped us complete this project successfully.

- Wade Carroll, VP of Information Technology, Aspirus

Experienced leaders you can trust

Meet Nordic’s Implementation Services team. With decades of individual experience, our Engagement Executives are dedicated to providing a positive experience that shows the full value of EHR consolidations quickly and efficiently.


Carrielee Koole

Managing Director- Implementation Services

Carrielee initially joined Nordic as a leadership consultant focusing on project and program management as well as overseeing full-cycle implementations as a project director.  Since then, Carrielee has moved into her managing director role on the Advisory Services team bringing with her 14 plus years of experience in EMR implementation strategy, planning and execution.

In her time as a leader on the Advisory Services team, she has worked to develop the internal implementation tools and processes, build new solutions lines as well as support clients through affiliate extensions, vendor evaluations, strategic implementation planning and special projects. 

Prior to Nordic, Carrielee worked at Epic for six years in a variety of roles including Quality Assurance manager, Application Manager, Business Development and Implementation Director. While her initial experience was in clinical applications like OpTime, Anesthesia, Clin Doc and Orders, she has overseen projects across both the clinical and revenue cycle suites focusing on efficiency and quantifiable results. After Epic, Carrielee worked for CenterX in the e-prescribing space as an Implementation Director and interim COO.


Lindsey Manzuk

Managing Director - Affiliate Solutions

Lindsey has almost 15 years of experience helping healthcare organizations plan for, implement, and extend their EHR. As the Managing Director of Advisory Services - Affiliate, she leads Nordic's Affiliate service line, advising clients on the many aspects of extending their EHR through Community Connect, mergers and acquisitions, or owned rollouts.

Before joining the Affiliate team at the start of 2018, Lindsey served as implementation strategy director. In that role, she advised Nordic clients on their implementation from a leadership perspective, focusing on tools and processes that are complementary to Epic’s methodology and supporting customers from pre-implementation planning and staffing through go-live.

Lindsey began her career in healthcare IT in the Implementation Services division at Epic, where she supervised both enterprise and add-on installs as the implementation director and executive for several customers.

Lindsey is originally from Indiana and graduated from the University of Notre Dame in 2008 with a degree in biology.

Sarah Rosebrock

Director - Education Solutions

Sarah began her Nordic journey as a training project management consultant overseeing upgrade and optimization education for our clients. Having now moved internally to the Advisory team, Sarah’s focus is more strategic, tailoring education initiatives to create sustainable programs and enhance adoption for end users. As the Director of Education Solutions, Sarah brings 14-plus years of experience in healthcare education. While in her leadership role on the Advisory Services team, Sarah has worked to expand Nordic’s education offerings, grow a team of internal consultants, challenge the plug-and-play approach, and create an environment where adult learners thrive.
Prior to Nordic, Sarah worked at a healthcare system for eight years; beginning as customer service representative, serving as the Revenue Cycle systems and compliance trainer, and onboarding a team of 13 new billers for a successful legacy run-out project in Revenue Integrity, before transitioning to the hospital’s Epic Resolute Hospital Billing Principal Trainer. It was working at this organization where Sarah realized her passion for translating and bridging the gap between operations and IT.  Sarah then served as a consultant both in training and build, forging her path into training project management. 
Sarah received a Bachelor’s degree in Music, specializing in Vocal Performance, from Columbia College, SC and now lives in West Columbia, SC with her boyfriend, Chris, and their two pets, Bella and Flip. As her degree alludes, Sarah enjoys singing, but also cooking and carving out time to visit family.

Stephanie Sutton

Director of Strategic Operations, S&P Consultants, A Nordic Global Company

Ensuring that the proven methodologies developed by S&P Consultants are leveraged for each client project, is the perfect application for Stephanie’s background in HIT project management. Her long hospital experience allows her to have a well-rounded perspective in coordinating the people, process, and technology aspects of any given engagement. She leads our teams with both discipline and compassion.

At the heart of her dedication to healthcare is a commitment to making the patient experience a priority—while optimizing each client’s time and technology investments. Stephanie worked for Heartland Health/Mosaic Life Care for more than 13 years in a variety of strategic roles before becoming a full-time consultant. She joined S&P Consultants in 2019.

Stephanie has an MBA from Park University and holds certifications from Cerner/UMKC (Cerner Certified Health Care Leader) and the Project Management Institute (PMP).


Doug Turner, MBA

Director - Affiliate Solutions

Doug currently serves as the Director of Advisory Services - Affiliate Solutions at Nordic Global, overseeing and advising on EHR extension, merger and acquisition, and independent partner consulting initiatives. As an experienced Senior IS Leader, Doug is passionate about customer success, strategic initiatives, and building strong, growth-focused teams. He has served as an Executive Advisor and on IS Executive Committees and Senior Leadership Councils for the past 9 years. 

Doug’s healthcare IT career started at Epic where he served as the Implementation Director for enterprise projects and became the co-manager of Epic’s Community Connect program. After leaving Epic, Doug served as the Director of Product Strategy at OptimisCorp. Then, as IS Executive Director at Loma Linda University Health and as a member of the Senior IS Leadership team under the CIO. Prior to joining Nordic, Doug led Providence Health’s Community Technologies company as its Managing Director. 

Doug holds a B.S. degree in business management from Utah Valley University and an MBA in finance from the University of Redlands. Doug is a big family man at heart. He and his wife have been blessed with seven children and they love spending time at home with everyone together. 


Successful ERP/EHR integrations

Organizations considering an integration between their ERP and EHR systems will find expert guidance with Nordic’s wide range of experts. Through Nordic ERP Services, we can plan and strategize the best way to integrate your existing ERP solution into an EHR system or even help you select a new ERP system. The ERP Services team bring with them tenured and experienced people who provide a seamless integration process that sees faster value with fewer risks and lower costs.

A truly global perspective

Nordic is a global company, serving organizations throughout North America, Europe, and the Middle East with a host of different models and unique challenges. Global healthcare leaders can take advantage of Nordic’s EHR consolidation expertise that provides access to global technology and local strategies and resources for a truly successful consolidation project no matter where you are in the world.

Those seeking EHR consolidation services in Canada will find Healthtech, a Nordic Global company, has been providing exceptional service for Canadian healthcare groups for over 30 years. With this extensive knowledge and experience, Healthtech works closely with Nordic as a top provider of clinical and IT transformation projects in Canada.


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Change management & training: 7 keys to successful EHR consolidation

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“When we were made aware of the need for this project, our first reaction was ‘it can’t be done;’ but the Nordic leaders helped us learn what they could uniquely bring to help us know it could be done. Their partnering with us really made the difference."

- Beth Malchetske, Affiliation/Integration Lead, Thedacare

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