What Our Consultants Say

Hear what our consultants have to say

We sat down with a few of our consultants to get firsthand perspectives on the Nordic experience. Check out our interviews and learn how we helped them take the next step in their careers.



Tom Carter

Nordic consultant since 2013

Tom talks about what he was looking for in an Epic consulting company to make his work more fulfilling. Learn how we sat down with him to develop a long-term plan that focused on in-depth solutions rather than quick fixes.


Why did we choose Nordic?

We talked to a few of our consultants about questions concerning travel, work-life balance, the future of EHR consulting, and how it all played into their decision to join our team.


Sheri Long


Sheri talks about her first impressions and how Nordic has treated her as a person, not a number, supporting her through unexpected and difficult circumstances.


What do our Revenue Cycle Transformation consultants say?

Revenue Cycle Transformation Senior Consultants Yunnie Low Webb and Kyle Rohr talk about their journey to healthcare and what brought them to Nordic. 

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