Health Data Connector™

Want to transform how your organization accesses health data for applications?

As you navigate the Big Squeeze of doing more with less, consider how technology designed to boost interoperability can help save time and money.

Health Data Connector is a low-code healthcare data connectivity solution that eliminates the need for THOUSANDS of bespoke solutions and HUNDREDS of hours spent writing custom code.

With this tool, you have the potential to:

  • Decrease development and integration costs
  • Accelerate the speed to market
  • Access data faster

Advancing data connectivity across the continuum

Health Data Connector has several use cases that span many touchpoints of care.
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Software vendors

Health Data Connector can serve as an integration layer for existing services, enabling a more module software ecosystem that streamlines processes and saves time and money.
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Payers, providers, and HIE

The highly configurable software allows for rapid connections to healthcare data repositories and provides a flexible framework that can interact with nearly all web technologies.
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Health systems

Health Data Connector enables faster integration projects, seamless authentication, and API utilization reporting and analytics.
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Patients and care teams

Straightforward integration between applications and the patient portal helps improve the care experience. EHR integration provides clear clinical workflows. Patients and providers reap the benefits of single sign-on, pre-filled forms populated with data from the EHR, and the elimination of double documentation.

Integrating data into your processes

Health Data Connector allows you to separate data retrieval and data processing and automate the retrieval of data based on your schedule and needs.

Here's how it works: 

  • 1. Workflows are started by triggers
  • 2. Workflow capabilities, as configured, make the appropriate calls
  • 3. Output can be performed at any point in any workflow
  • 4. Observability permits you to see how the data is being used

Enable integration on your terms.

The Health Data Connector can manage your integrations flawlessly no matter the subject. Our software integrates
with all web-connected systems and provides the basic tools you need to create resilient integrations.

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With Health Data Connector, you'll gain these valuable benefits

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Licensed Software

deployed to your cloud subscription/environment 

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Cloud tools

for security, reliability, and more

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Professional Services

for implementation, integration, and training

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Regular patches and updates

included with the product license


A cost-effective and efficient way to access critical health data

Driven by a mission to streamline and automate data sharing, Health Data Connector enables interoperability across disparate data sources. This powerful and user-friendly web application can manage your integrations flawlessly and is uniquely configured to work with all major EHRs and any API. The tool is HIPAA compliant to ensure your data is safe and secure.

Health Data Connector offers a consistent approach to data retrieval, receipt, parsing, and transmission that allows our clients to separate integration from business services, to standardize how the services communicate, improve integration monitoring capabilities, and reduce the complexity and cost of data interoperability.

Simple and repeatable web integrations

Health Data Connector includes the observability, alerting, and reporting needed to meet regulatory compliance. Modular licensing allows you to select the data connectivity capabilities you require without the bloat of features you don’t use.

  • Reduce technical overhead for your developers with low-code configurations
  • Securely manage your integrations in your own cloud environment
  • Easily setup SMART on FHIR application authentication requirements
  • Quickly adapt to changing requirements and business needs
  • Support new and legacy applications without complicated development work

Configurations allow our clients to establish connectivity with external and internal systems, create data parsing mechanisms and payloads, and perform other essential functions.

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