Corporate SocialResponsibility

Supporting the communities where we live and work globally

As a leading healthcare company with more than 3,300 employees globally, our passion extends beyond what we do at Nordic to positively impact the communities where we live and work. By focusing our giveback on the areas of healthcare, food insecurity, education, and empowerment, we believe we can connect people, data, and technology for a healthier world.

Learn more about our focus areas for giving back and see how our team members uphold our Maxims and promote corporate citizenship across the globe.

Lor Lee“Embracing community giveback isn't just about corporate responsibility; it's about how we bring our unique Nordic culture into the communities we live and work in to foster empathy and build a legacy of meaningful impact through tangible action beyond what we do in our 9-to-5 jobs.”

Lor Lee, Director of DEI



Impactful beginnings

Nordic Community Giveback began as a day-long event in Madison, Wisconsin, then a week-long event nationally, and has since grown to a year-long effort across the globe.

Look back on how Nordic team members donated their time, talent, and expertise to help their local communities.


Giveback in focus

Over the years, Nordic teammates have come together to support nonprofits and other community organizations. See our team members in action in the giveback ballery below.

United Way TP 10-23-19 4
Holiday Finance Team-1
10-8-2019 River Sarah

Compliance Helpline

At Nordic, we are committed to maintaining the highest standards of ethical conduct and remaining compliant with laws and policies.

If you have questions or concerns about compliance matters, or would like to report any suspected instances of noncompliance or unethical behavior that you have witnessed or are aware of – from Nordic, our clients, or a vendor, you can communicate your concerns by calling:

U.S./Canada - 888 279 2452 UK - 0800 208 1023
Ireland - 1800 338 811 UAE - 800 0320137
Netherlands - 0800 0232766 Sweden - 020 12 75 41
Switzerland - 0800 563 676 Kuwait - 965 2206 9182
Norway - 800 62 254 Philippines - 1800 1 322 0536
Belgium - 0800 77 094 Australia - 1800 204 634
Singapore - 65 3158 0061