The Nordic Difference

We harness technology to bring healthcare forward

Nordic is an award-winning strategic partner to health leaders around the world, helping them navigate complexity and harness technology to create healthier systems, businesses, and people. Our talented professionals bring deep clinical expertise and extensive technical knowledge, helping you prioritize, refine your strategy, and develop a clear roadmap to better quality care while lowering your costs.

We bring together leadership, IT, and operations, asking the right questions to drive long-term success. We help you focus on what matters most to your organization, so you can address the right issues at the right time.

Together as a team, we can change healthcare for the better.

We deliver global scale and strength

Nordic brings together more than 3,300 strategists, architects, engineers, clinicians, project leaders, and trainers around the world. Together, we conceive, plan, build, and deploy connected health systems that unlock efficiencies and empower you to deliver care more efficiently and effectively.

Our global, cross-functional team brings clinical depth and technical proficiency that helps you anticipate and mitigate risks and foster strong working relationships between operations and IT.

As we move forward together, we transfer our working knowledge to your team and your users, fostering adoption and usage for the long haul.

Success Stories

We understand healthcare from every angle

Nordic has been solely focused on healthcare technology for more than a decade – and our people come with deep industry experience in their specialty whether it be technical or strategic. We deeply understand the organizational, clinical, regulatory, and technical complexity that is unique to the space.

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