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Put personalized advanced analytics to work for your patients and business

As a healthcare leader, you’re challenged to provide meaningful insights to your clinical and operational end users. Our experienced D&A experts will partner with you to develop a user-centered advanced analytics strategy for your teams that leads to improved patient and business outcomes for your entire organization.

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You want to provide actionable insights to your end users

You aim to provide helpful, intuitive data to your clinical and operational teams so they can take informed actions that drive better results. In order to do that, you need to know how each of your end users consumes, understands, and will respond to data.

You may not have access to a well-rounded team of healthcare data & analytics experts who will guide you to these insights. This can leave you feeling frustrated with your inability to inform and empower your end users’ actions. 

You need to personalize your approach

We believe you deserve to put meaningful data in the hands of your end users – data that enables high adoption, affects change, and supports advanced analytics. However, we understand that it’s hard to provide data in a way that’s meaningful and makes sense to everyone at your organization. 

That’s where Nordic’s user-centered D&A approach comes in. We bring together a small team of data scientists, analytics developers, and EHR-certified consultants to gather input from each of your end-users to develop an advanced analytics solution that works for your organization. That way, you can make user-informed performance improvements that empower your team members to take action.

How we can help

Leveraging agile methodologies and processes, Nordic’s advanced analytics solutions have helped numerous organizations define, design, and develop dashboards using cutting edge visualization technologies and platforms. We provide solutions that address the key pillars of healthcare, such as care quality, access to care, care cost, and physician satisfaction. Here are just a few examples of our experience: 

Population health

ACO dashboards, costs, utilization and network usage, risk stratification


Readmissions, patient throughput, hospital-acquired conditions, hospitalist metrics


Supply chain management, ERP analytics


Revenue cycle management, denials management, risk adjustment, claims analytics, cost utilization


Provider efficiency, provider accessibility, open encounters


Network analysis, member analysis, leakage data

The Nordic difference



Deep experience

We have deep experience guiding our clients to a best-fit D&A solution – one that’s personalized for each of your end users. From EHR data models to vendor-specific applications, you can lean on our expertise to ensure your teams have reliable, accurate data to make informed and timely decisions.  

Broad Skillset

Our well-rounded team of data scientists, statisticians, and analysts look at your data challenges from every angle. We span the data spectrum to provide you a single solution that makes sense to each individual end user.  

Technology-agnostic capabilities

We never let technology get in the way of providing a user-centric D&A approach – one that’s focused on a person’s unique understanding of data. That’s why we’re equipped to partner with you, no matter the application, platform, or visualizations required for your project.  

Academic methodology

Our academic methodology pays close attention to the most important piece of your data solution – your end users. As part of this methodology, we conduct cognitive research to determine how your teams are consuming and understanding data. That way, we’ll embed meaningful, user-specific changes into the workflow – changes that actually drive action.