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Other initiatives often take priority over EHR upgrades, but falling behind with major upgrades can hinder your end users and pose serious compliance risks. Making the minimum required changes with each upgrade can leave your end users without the most effective and efficient workflows and eventually necessitate a full-system review and optimization project.

Watch our recent webinar: How to successfully transition to the Epic quarterly upgrade model.

If you're dealing with restless end users, fast-approaching deadlines, limited staff bandwidth, or any other obstacle standing in the way of a proper upgrade, our experienced system experts can step in to assess your specific needs, tailor an upgrade program, and augment your team for maximum end-user benefit and compliance — without breaking the bank.

We'll ensure your upgrade positively impacts end users by providing

  • A focused project manager to guide your upgrade plan and meet Epic's Honor Roll requirements, as well as organizing the various teams that need to be involved and keeping projects progressing on-schedule
  • Expert application and training resources to complete upgrade tasks such as release note review, build, training updates, and testing — either on-site or remotely
  • Remote staff to take on system maintenance and break/fix work, freeing up your staff to focus on the upgrade

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Nordic and ThedaCare


Nordic was invaluable in helping ThedaCare IT leaders identify the gaps and describe the organizational impact of those gaps and then partner with our team to deliver the results.

JODIE AUSLOOS, Chief Clinical Information Officer


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If these challenges sound familiar, you may be ready to optimize or refresh your EHR performance. We're ready with a team of experts to assess your challenges and provide solutions.

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