Business and Technology Strategy

Business and Technology

Healthcare leaders face an overwhelming set of complex, interdependent options that might lead to improved care at a lower cost. Nordic’s seasoned consultants collaborate with and guide you to the most effective changes that will lead to a stronger business with better patient outcomes.

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You want to move in the right direction

With a limited amount of time and even more limited resources moving your organization most effectively forward means knowing you’re on the best path.

How we can help:

You need an experienced independent partner

You deserve experienced subject matter professionals. You deserve a clear decision framework and roadmap without the traps of inexperience. Don’t be swayed by technology vendor influences. Focus instead on the path that most effectively leads to your desired outcomes. A path that considers the people, the operational processes, and, yes, technology all as a whole.

And failure is costly

With the organizational, regulatory, and technological complexities combined with an ever-growing technology impact you need to be sure you get this right. You can’t afford to fail.

You deserve an experienced, independent guide

At Nordic, we believe you deserve an experienced consulting partner that listens, is flexible, looks at your challenges holistically, and can lead you smoothly from strategy through to execution.

We are that guide.

Our differentiators

Proven Methodologies

From extension projects to data strategy to EHR or ERP vendor selection, Nordic’s proven methodologies have been refined over the last decade to ensure the best possible strategic outcomes.

Top Performer

Since its founding in 2010, Nordic has consistently achieved top performance ratings by KLAS and has been recognized as a best place to work more than 30 times by leading industry and non-industry publications. We’re exceptional at what we do, and our employees are engaged and ready to help.

Experienced Cross-functional Teams

We assemble engagement-specific, cross-functional teams who collaborate to develop a clear and holistic path for your organization. With agile teams of leading clinical, operational, technical, and data veterans, we get a well-rounded view of your challenges and provide you with the perspective and knowledge your initiatives demand.