Our guide to doing good

Our 11 maxims shape who we are, what we do, and how we interact with those around us.

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Be you.

There's only one you. Your background and experiences are like no other. Your individuality sets you apart. It's our uniqueness – fully embraced – that helps to make us Nordic.


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Make it about "we."

Collaboration is critical to our success. It's how we work. With everyone. Collaboration allows us to capture the best of our wisdom and creativity.

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Listening is the first step to any answer. It's a skill that helps us solve problems and discover more innovative solutions. It's an art that we must actively practice to ensure the right outcome.


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Embrace the gray.

Not everything is black and white. The unknown challenges us to explore strategies and pragmatic solutions that aren't yet defined.

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rising sun with text "assume the best intentions"

Assume the best intentions.

Great minds don't always think alike. Sometimes ideas and opinions differ, but remember, we're all working in the best interest of all parties.

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Be open and direct.

When you are honest and transparent, good things happen. So don't be afraid to have the difficult conversation or face the tough situation. Just remember to be supportive and understanding.

white arrows point left & 1 green arrow points right with the text "do what's right "

Do what's right.

When confronted with any decision, always do the right thing, not just what's easy. When you focus on the fair and ethical path, you can't go wrong.

white rock with the text "Be A Rock"

[In chaos, fear, and confusion] Be a rock.

Ours is sometimes an unpredictable and unforgiving business. Be the calm before, during, and after the storm.

light bulb surrounded by text that says "think, act, adapt with urgency"

Think, act, adapt with urgency.

Gather information. Get going. Be ready to change. Sometimes the situation at hand requires thinking on your feet.

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hand holding a wrench with text "Act Like An Owner"

Act like an owner.

Show passion and enthusiasm for everything you do. Take ownership, not only of your work, but the greater success of all parties. Be a role model in all your decisions and responsibilities.

ripples in a pool of water with the text "Grow Teach"

Grow. Teach.

Knowledge is always more powerful when it's passed from one person to another. Keep learning and sharing. Keep growing yourself and those around you. 

Make a difference. Be happy. Grow your career.

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