Freezing the squeeze: The three A’s of efficiency

External pressures continue to compound upon healthcare systems, making this year the most challenging for hospitals since the start of the pandemic.

Health IT

For physicians, less is often more

In the latest Checkup, Dr. Craig Joseph dives into decluttering technology and outdated clinical practices to alleviate physicians' workload.

Health IT

Curing the post-implementation blues

The cure for post-implementation blues lies in the ability to understand and plan for continual change.

Health IT

Healthcare is not aviation

Find out what the healthcare industry can learn from the world of aviation when it comes to safety reporting & data sharing in the latest Checkup from Craig Joseph, MD.


The role of EHR extensions in enhancing patient care

Leveraging EHR extensions with a host-affiliate relationship allows systems to work together to achieve a holistic view of patients & provide better care.

Can OpenNotes be too open?

Can OpenNotes be too open? In the latest Checkup, Dr. Craig Joseph lays out the pros and cons of OpenNote in healthcare systems.


Overcoming frozen thinking in healthcare

Learn the indicators of frozen thinking and the advantages to a fluid approach in the latest Checkup from Dr. Craig Joseph.

decentralized care

Meet the patient where they are (At the barber shop!)

Learn about the benefits of meeting patients where they are in the latest Checkup by Dr. Craig Joseph.


Healthcare interoperability can put people first

A successful interoperability strategy pairs functional technology with the support to use it.


The alchemy of care variation

Find out if care variation can provide new, evidence-based pathways and inform care transformation in the latest Checkup from Craig Joseph, MD.


Patient referral leakage: Are health systems making it easy to do the right thing?

Read about the real impact that referral leakage has on health systems in the latest Checkup by Dr. Craig Joseph.

revenue cycle

Revenue cycle transformation: 3.4% increase in net revenue and still growing

A transformative engagement helps Lawrence General Hospital achieve revenue goals by aligning people, processes, and technology.


The big squeeze: Navigating the confluence of post-COVID challenges

Health systems are feeling the squeeze from all sides. Many are still reeling from the revenue losses incurred during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

digital health

Our Mission Together: Healthcare and Digital Transformation in the UK

The UK healthcare sector faces significant challenges, yet we see many reasons for optimism. Nordic's Nene Antonio shares how the NHS can deliver on the promise of digital transformation.


An ounce of prevention

Learn more about how we can better prevent, not just treat, healthcare worker burnout in the latest Checkup from Dr. Craig Joseph.

digital health

What’s cloud got to do with it?

Modernizing a health system’s data enterprise through cloud transformation prepares it for the future and benefits functions across the organization. Learn more about the benefits of cloud modernization in our latest blog by Kevin Erdal, Managing Director and Practice Lead of Digital Health.


Elevating the power of the shared patient record

A comprehensive and strategic method of information sharing exists in the healthcare ecosystem and is gaining increasing attention: the shared patient record model. Learn more about this from Director of Advisory Services, Doug Turner, and Managing Director, Markets - Advisory Services, Win Vaughn.


Essential ephemera: The sad, over-too-quickly life of a wearable datum

The devices we wear are capable of generating millions of data points every day. But are there ways we can better utilize this information to improve the lives of patients? Read the latest Checkup from Dr. Craig Joseph to learn more.


Nordic's nurses weigh-in for International Nurses Day

Hear from nurses across Nordic Global in honor of International Nurses Day.


“Clickbusters” can bust more than clicks

How did Vanderbilt University Medical Center (VUMC) improve their clinical decision support tools, and what does this have to do with a golden mouse? Read the latest Checkup from Dr. Craig Joseph to learn more about the “Clickbusters” initiative, and how this program brought together a team of clinicians invested in improving EHR usage.

value-based care

How interoperability can support value-based care

The healthcare industry continues to move away from the traditional fee-for-service (FFS) payment model and toward value-based care (VBC). Read on to learn more about how interoperability can support this shift.


User-centered system design can help save lives

The Checkup blog series continues from last week with part 2 providing an in-depth look that focuses on the systemic problems that played a large part in the tragic case of RaDonda Vaught, and how a user-centered focus can decrease the likelihood of such a problem happening again.


It takes a system to keep us safe

In his most recent blog (part 1 of 2), Dr. Craig Joseph outlines the circumstances involved in the case of RaDonda Vaught, a Tennessee nurse found culpable in the death of patient Charlene Murphey in 2017. Read on to learn more about the case.

Modern love: Why modernizing the enterprise beats an innovation-only focus

Radical changes in healthcare won’t come from the churn and burn of digital innovation, but instead from the infrastructure modernization that is so sorely needed. Learn why modernizing the enterprise is key to unlocking improved delivery and health outcomes in this article from Dr. Jerome Pagani.

digital health

The value of data infrastructure modernization for the health system [Podcast]

In this podcast, our panelists discuss data infrastructure modernization and how it can positively impact both business operations and the patient population.


Guidelines will rule the world

What role will guidelines play in the future of healthcare? Read Dr. Craig Joseph's latest Checkup to learn more.


Houston, we have a data problem

Data are essential in providing the best, most accurate care for healthcare consumers. But how do you find the right balance between too much data and not enough? Read more from Dr. Craig Joseph.


Guide to interoperability for healthcare leaders

There are a plethora of challenges keeping healthcare leaders up at night. Is interoperability the key to solving them? Read more to find out.


Assessing the value of application managed services

An effective AMS program ensures reliable and user-friendly systems. Consider how to balance the quality and cost of support in this infographic.

Advisory Services

Balancing humanity and technology in the future of healthcare

Healthcare systems have transformed over the past few years, offering an increasing amount of digital services in place of in-person visits. How can we bridge the gap between these offerings to ensure the best care for patients? Read more from Jo Smith, Nordic's EMEIA Healthcare Advisory Services Leader.

digital health

Five healthcare interoperability myths debunked

Every healthcare organization is on an interoperability journey. We've debunked five interoperability myths that may be preventing your organization from moving forward.


Better data and education will improve outcomes for LGBT2QIA+ patients

Targeted, education-based interventions can make a vast difference in addressing health disparities for the LGBTQ2IA+ community.

digital health

Standards-based technologies are key to healthcare interoperability wins

Adding functionality to the EHR one app at a time has historically been a painful process. Today, we have standards-based technologies that allow for robust EHR integration with minimal installation and implementation overhead.

digital health

Why healthcare leaders should embrace the cloud

As healthcare organizations begin to build their post-COVID-19 IT roadmaps, cloud solutions have become a crucial part of their modernization and transformation.

digital health

How interoperability and cloud transformations can support healthcare organizations [podcast]

Kevin Erdal hosts a conversation with Nordic’s Saran Sonaisamy and Reza Chapman, and AWS’ Jimmy DeLurgio on the technical components of cloud transformation.


Where will “homeless data” live?

It’s estimated that we create 1.145 trillion MB of data every day. Can this data help our healthcare providers provide better care? Read more from Dr. Craig Joseph.


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