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Designing for Health: Interview with Farhan Ahmad and Jon Keevil, MD [Podcast]

On this podcast, hear how Farhan Ahmad and Jon Keevil, MD, balanced software expertise with clinical knowledge to create accessible clinical decision-making tools.

Health IT

Note bloat, we can’t quit you

Compared to nations with similar economies, progress notes in the U.S. are extremely voluminous. In this edition of the Checkup, Dr. Craig Joseph dives into the perils of note bloat and what’s needed to course correct.

Health IT

Doctor, do you mind the interruption?

Clinical decision support is often associated with pop-up alerts that take over the screen and interrupt workflow. Dr. Craig Joseph discusses why non-interruptive clinical decision support needs to become the norm.

Health IT

Stepping onto the health IT platform

Dr. Jerome Pagani lays out the elements of platform solutions and their core focus on supporting the delivery of healthcare goods and services.

Health IT

See a Mumpsimus? Stop a Mumpsimus!

Help stop mumpsimuses at the source! The pandemic exposed many of these unreasonable traditions and has proven we should reconsider their use in healthcare.

Health IT

De-implementation: “Just say no” isn’t enough

In the latest Checkup, Dr. Craig Joseph shares why a well-thought-out research-backed de-implementation approach is needed to achieve better patient care.

Health IT

For physicians, less is often more

In the latest Checkup, Dr. Craig Joseph dives into decluttering technology and outdated clinical practices to alleviate physicians' workload.

Health IT

Curing the post-implementation blues

The cure for post-implementation blues lies in the ability to understand and plan for continual change.

Health IT

Healthcare is not aviation

Find out what the healthcare industry can learn from the world of aviation when it comes to safety reporting & data sharing in the latest Checkup from Craig Joseph, MD.

Health IT

Can OpenNotes be too open?

Can OpenNotes be too open? In the latest Checkup, Dr. Craig Joseph lays out the pros and cons of OpenNote in healthcare systems.

Health IT

Modern love: Why modernizing the enterprise beats an innovation-only focus

Radical changes in healthcare won’t come from the churn and burn of digital innovation, but instead from the infrastructure modernization that is so sorely needed. Learn why modernizing the enterprise is key to unlocking improved delivery and health outcomes in this article from Dr. Jerome Pagani.

Health IT

5 Ws for a successful health IT contract transition

Senior Consultant Nick Davis shares the key questions you should ask when preparing your end-of-contract checklist.

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