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improved outcomes

Using the longitudinal plan of care to drive better outcomes [podcast]

The longitudinal plan of care could vastly improve patient health, but organizations often don't use it to its full extent. Learn how to leverage the LPOC.

improved outcomes

Patient engagement: Your patient, your consumer

Nordic's Lauren Griessmeyer and Rick Shepardson discuss how treating patients more as consumers can benefit both the patient and the organization.

improved outcomes

HIT Breakdown 10 - Patient engagement possibilities with MyChart

They also discuss how healthcare providers and patients can exchange information and improve patient outcomes using the tools within Epic MyChart.

improved outcomes

HIT Breakdown 2 - What does a great population health program look like?

Dr. David Levin (Nordic) and Susan Marks (Amati Health) explain what makes a great population health program and a five-step model you can use to move closer to the improved outcomes you are after.

improved outcomes

Nordic's new podcast, the HIT Breakdown - Episode 1 on Population Health

Our first show is a Population Health primer. We have two veterans in the space: First, Dr. David Levin, who is the Chief Medical Officer at Nordic. Second, Susan Marks, Director of Population Health at Amati Health.

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