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Nordic's nurses weigh-in for International Nurses Day

Hear from nurses across Nordic Global in honor of International Nurses Day.

healthcare consulting

Doing what’s right: Expert teams and engaging culture fuel Nordic’s continued growth

KLAS has just rated Nordic among the top firms well-positioned to help healthcare organizations solve future problems. Read on to learn how our maxims and dedication to a positive culture helped us get here.

healthcare consulting

The enigma of the edge case in healthcare

While AI may be useful in diagnosing standard cases, CMO Dr. Craig Joseph posits that, for now, only a highly-trained care team can spot the zebras.

healthcare consulting

Why we do what we do

Patients and their care should be the #1 reason for why we do the things we do in healthcare IT. Read more of this compelling story from Dr. Craig Joseph.

healthcare consulting

Informational parity is the key to better value-based care agreements

Global Advisory Services Practice Leader John Distefano believes that collaborative care data is the key for value-based care to reach its full potential.

healthcare consulting

Everything old is new again

Comparing the AIDS epidemic to the COVID-19 pandemic, CMO Craig Joseph posits that our healthcare systems should learn and grow from past public health crises.

healthcare consulting

Get to know Nordic

Nordic connects people, data, and technology to create a healthier world.

healthcare consulting

Connecting the future of healthcare

It’s time to think long term about the types of connection needed to ensure our healthcare systems are ready to adapt and lead through disruption.

healthcare consulting

Primary care is an essential part of a usable healthcare system

Nordic’s CMO Dr. Craig Joseph argues that a usable healthcare system should be team-based with a user-centric healthcare IT system.

healthcare consulting

The good stuff is rarely learned in meetings

Though teleconferences and video calls have become the norm, Dr. Craig Joseph opines that in-person interactions still have tremendous value.

healthcare consulting

Talking tech in healthcare: CHIME 2021 Spring Forum

Ahead of the CHIME21 Spring Forum, Nordic's CEO Jim Costanzo gives a brief take on Big Tech in healthcare and offers questions that spring to his mind.

healthcare consulting

Growing from strong foundations

Nordic's CEO Jim Costanzo shares how we're focused on helping healthcare organizations succeed by improving their clinical, operational, and economic functioning.

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