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The story of Nordic, celebrating 10 years of meaningful partnerships

Nordic has grown to become the most trusted healthcare consulting firm with a unique focus on truly listening and supporting our teammates and clients.

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Radiant, Cupid Consultant Bart Klaas' love of problem-solving, travel brought him to Nordic

Senior Radiant and Cupid consultant Bart Klaas' love of problem-solving and travel brought him to Nordic

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Consultants in Conference Rooms Getting Coffee | Chris Chandre

John Manzuk welcomes Senior Consultant Chris Chandre in the first episode of this new video series as they discuss Chris’ experiences as a consultant.

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How to become an EHR consultant

A quick guide to the important points to consider when deciding which EHR consulting role fits you best and how to engage an EHR consulting firm to learn more about possible opportunities.

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6 steps to creating a standout EHR consultant resume

Learn how to set yourself apart as an EHR consultant by creating a powerful resume with these expert insights.

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The most meaningful work I’ve done as a healthcare consultant

Senior Consultant Ike Glinsmann discusses the most meaningful experience he had as a consultant, bringing the EHR to a homeless patient population in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

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Why I chose health IT consulting: 6 benefits from Nordic consultants

We sat down with five Nordic consultants and analysts to discuss why they love coming to work every day.

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The key to being a great healthcare consultant: flexibility

Senior consultant Kate Yan gives a big piece of advice to anyone considering Epic consulting.

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Can I consult for Nordic without EHR experience?

Can you consult without having worked at an EHR vendor like Epic? Our Managed Services team answers your burning questions.

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How Haitian high schoolers made me a better healthcare consultant

Senior Consultant Eric Chow discusses his journey to help Haitian high schoolers develop a community garden in their hometown of Pignon.

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How to find the "human moments" in EHR implementation (and other lessons)

Senior Consultant Sheri Long uses her clinical experience to

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How I’m pursuing my dream without giving up my consulting job

You don't have to give up your passions when you consult. Read about Ike Glinsmann's journey all over the world -- while maintaining his consulting position.

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