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No EHR, no problem: Rediscovering patient care and clinical teamwork in a tech blackout

In this edition of The Checkup, Craig Joseph, MD, discusses how a technology blackout highlighted the importance of patient-centered care and clinical teamwork.


Making Rounds: Under new (data) management [Podcast]

On today’s episode of the Making Rounds podcast, Nordic Head of Thought Leadership Jerome Pagani, PhD, sits down with Digital Health Practice Leader Kevin Erdal and Head of EHR Implementation Services Andy Splitz. They discuss the complex nature of EHR implementations, the global landscape where organizations are only now starting to move to digitization, and how imperative it is that data management is done well and with real end-users in mind.


Want to improve patient safety? Up your EHR’s usability

A recent study discovered a significant link between the safety of EHR systems and the user experience of frontline clinicians. The frustration caused by poorly designed EHRs could affect patient safety, read more from Craig Joseph, MD, in this edition of the Checkup.


EHRs or social interactions: Can’t we have both?

In this edition of the Checkup, Craig Joseph, MD discusses the balance between leveraging technology for physicians while prioritizing social interactions.


Note bloat, we can’t quit you

Compared to nations with similar economies, progress notes in the U.S. are extremely voluminous. In this edition of the Checkup, Dr. Craig Joseph dives into the perils of note bloat and what’s needed to course correct.


Doctor, do you mind the interruption?

Clinical decision support is often associated with pop-up alerts that take over the screen and interrupt workflow. Dr. Craig Joseph discusses why non-interruptive clinical decision support needs to become the norm.


Paper to electronic paradigm shift in healthcare

In Dr. Laura Copeland’s latest blog, she outlines concepts required for the mental paradigm shift to move from paper to electronic systems, leading to an intuitive and satisfactory end-user experience.


Be the Poison Control (or help desk) operator your colleagues need you to be

In this edition of the Checkup, Dr. Craig Joseph frames clinical helpdesks as specialized helplines to provide streamlined assistance and increase efficiencies.


Choice architecture to the rescue

EHR workflows can often benefit from purposeful design tweaks to improve clinical needs and operational efficiencies. Find out how in this edition of the Checkup from Dr. Craig Joseph.


Taking the temperature of health systems

The heat on healthcare continues to rise. In this blog, Healthtech Consultants’ CMIO, Dr. Laura Copeland, shares ways to give your health system a little love to cool things down.


Happiness, recruitment, and retention

In our latest blog, Dr. Laura Copeland CMIO of Healthtech Consultants, a Nordic company, shares how implementations that consider happiness, recruitment, and retention as part of its criteria can help to freeze the squeeze.


Designing for Health: Interview with Seattle Children’s CIO Dr. Zafar Chaudry [Podcast]

In this episode of Nordic’s In Network podcast feature, Designing for Health, Seattle Children’s CIO Dr. Zafar Chaudry speaks with Nordic’s Chief Medical Officer Dr. Craig Joseph and Head of Thought Leadership Dr. Jerome Pagani to discuss the importance of communication and inclusivity in human-centered design.

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