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If you try sometimes, you get what you need

As more and more feral apps get introduced into the healthcare ecosystem, it’s critical that both physicians and IT teams get what they need from them. What is that exactly? Read more to find out.


You can't always get what you want

The apps that come with today’s EHRs may not be exactly what we want, but unfortunately, that’s what we get until true interoperability is achieved. Read more from CMO Dr. Craig Joseph.


Unpopular opinion: Social distancing is the best thing to happen to EHR training

With the rapid shift to virtual training, healthcare leaders have a prime opportunity to reassess and redesign their programs to maximize the end-user experience.


Is the EHR a provider?

Treating the EHR as a critical component of the care team now will set the stage for direct patient care in the future.


Why we do what we do

Patients and their care should be the #1 reason for why we do the things we do in healthcare IT. Read more of this compelling story from Dr. Craig Joseph.


Must EHRs become platforms?

Must an EHR vendor become an EHR platform or risk facing extinction? Read more for Dr. Craig Joseph's insights.


Spelunking through the medical chart

Get your hard hat and flashlight ready for an adventure through the EHR. Find out why you’ll need them in the Checkup.


Big data and interoperability: The keys to better healthcare interactions

Nordic’s CEO Jim Costanzo believes that data and interoperability are the keys to designing better healthcare interactions.


Patient identifiers: A solution whose time has come

Dr. Craig Joseph shares his thoughts on why patient identification tools are a necessity in the U.S. healthcare system.


CHIME Spring Forum thoughts: Create great user experiences for all the users

With the CHIME21 Spring Forum in his rearview, Dr. Craig Joseph reflects on his biggest takeaway from the virtual conference.


ONC 2021 Annual Meeting: Moving towards meaningful communication

Dr. Craig Joseph gives a breakdown of the hot topics at this year's ONC Annual Meeting, which includes interoperability, usability, and E/M documentation.


New E/M Guidelines: How organizations are moving forward successfully - Webinar Recording

Panelists from Nordic and the American Medical Association share how to follow the lead of other organizations that are successfully leveraging the new E/M guidelines.

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