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Strengthening healthcare IT infrastructure: A wake-up call for cybersecurity resilience

Recent cyberattacks highlight vulnerabilities in the healthcare industry. Learn how to mitigate future fallout and bolster resilience.

Performance Improvement

How can providers respond to the cyberattack on Change Healthcare?

Discover how healthcare providers can respond to the recent Change Healthcare cyberattack, the financial impact on the industry, and steps to mitigate the damage. Stay informed with Nordic's strategic advisory support.

Performance Improvement

5 questions to ask when you're at a crossroads in your EHR strategy

Optimizing or transitioning your EHR can feel daunting. Consider starting the process with value-driven questions that can help you avoid surprises, streamline decision-making, and get the most value out of your efforts.

Performance Improvement

Margin improvement transformation: An additional 1% increase in margin improvement and still growing

The second phase of Nordic's transformative engagement with Lawrence General Hospital helps achieve revenue goals and increase margins.

Performance Improvement

Alleviating financial pressures with revenue cycle improvements [Infographic]

Strengthening financial sustainability and enhancing business operations is key to delivering high-quality care. Learn more in our latest infographic.

Performance Improvement

Advancing consumer-centric healthcare with a digital front door

Healthcare leaders prioritize high-quality patient experiences, but patients often find healthcare encounters inconvenient, inconsistent, and confusing. Digital front door strategies improve access and health equity.

Performance Improvement

How to keep the Medicaid unwinding from damaging your hospital operating margins

Nordic experts share high-level strategies to minimize the financial and operational impact of Medicaid unwinding. Read now!

Performance Improvement

Increasing access to behavioral health resources

Performance Improvement Practice Leader Wally Ward shares how healthcare systems can leverage people, data, and technology to enhance mental health care access and freeze the squeeze.

Performance Improvement

Polishing your portal to empower patients

Nordic's Tanner Pederson provides tips for optimizing your referral workflows to allow your patients to become their own referral coordinator.

Performance Improvement

Optimizing and aligning your workqueue building blocks

Nordic's Everett Hayes shares tips for realigning your EHR workqueues to achieve optimal results.

Performance Improvement

American use of the EHR: What can we learn from others?

Citing a recent JAMA Internal Medicine study, Dr. Craig Joseph dives into the differences between EHR use in the U.S. versus non-U.S. countries. Some results are more surprising than you'd think.

Performance Improvement

Remote relationships: How to build trust during strategic engagements

Nordic's Managing Director of Performance Improvement Kelly Krulisky offers lessons learned when building relationships in a remote work environment.

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