Nordic combines deep clinical experience with extensive technical knowledge to provide our clients with strategic counsel and thoughtful guidance. Our goal is to empower healthcare systems to leverage the digital transformation seen in other industries. We help our clients envision and connect healthier systems that lead to healthier businesses and healthier people.

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You can't always
get what you want

The EHR's apps may not be exactly what we want, but for now it's what we get.

Dr. Craig Joseph, CMO



Unpopular Opinion: Social distancing is the best thing to happen to EHR training

Sarah Rosebrock, Sr. Manager - Training Solutions


Board Chair Bruce Cerullo honored with CHIME Foundation Industry Leader award


Nordic wins best company work-life balance award from Comparably



Get to Know Nordic

Helping healthcare leaders harness the power of technology, so the people they care for can thrive.


Strategic Advisory

Deliver the future of healthcare with transformative approaches. Our technology focus permits us to help healthcare organizations deliver an exceptional patient experience. Nordic’s in-depth knowledge of healthcare operations and workflows leads to improved clinical, financial, and patient outcomes.


Digital and Cloud Initiatives

Bring digital transformation to life across applications, platforms, and analytics. Achieving a cohesive continuum of care and next-level wellness collaborations requires new platforms, cloud solutions, and interoperability. We propel you forward.


Implementation and Support

We provide experienced professionals to assist with implementations, connecting mission-critical health technology. We maintain a deep bench of talent to ensure we have the people needed to execute projects across the full landscape of clinical information systems.


Enterprise Technology Transformation

Build and implement enterprise technology while delivering continuous evolution of the maturity model. Nordic advances enterprise systems to realize the benefits of integration. We offer continuous service improvement and refinement to build on breakthrough solutions.

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