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Enabling efficiency and provider satisfaction

Learn what makes our training approach unique.

Many healthcare organizations spend millions on enterprise IT systems (EHR, ERP, etc.) and struggle to enable teams to efficiently use them. Nordic’s internal team of certified trainers, led by a seasoned industry veteran and powered by metric-driven adult learning principles, ensures your providers and end-users are both satisfied and efficient in your chosen technology.


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Going live was the beginning

It’s frustrating to excitedly watch a massive IT investment go live and then disappointedly see provider complaints and increased help desk tickets roll in. How can it be that state-of-the-art leads to a state of dissatisfaction? How can you steer these high-profile projects to success?

Training plays a critical role

KLAS Arch Collaborative research shows that there is a relationship between training and provider satisfaction. 

Success is measurable

We believe the way to deliver effective training is to leverage adult learning principles, define metrics, and roll out a plan that exceeds those performance and satisfaction metrics. That’s why we’re one of only three approved vendors in the KLAS Arch Collaborative. Partners who KLAS trusts can guide you to measurable outcomes.

How we can help

Whether you need an overall strategy for your organization, project-specific training, improvement in user satisfaction, or assistance with training development and maintenance, we are here to help.

Training advisory

Assess current state, map out improvements, provide roadmap, and program development and execution

  • Assessments
  • MST (Epic Training System build)
  • Program development
  • Virtual education strategy

Project-specific training

Role identification, metric selection, curriculum development and design, delivery, and program measurement

  • Implementation
  • Affiliate rollouts (Connect, M&A)
  • Optimization project support (HCC, etc.)
  • Virtual instructor-led training

Provider satisfaction improvement

Research-driven education programs to increase efficiency and satisfaction of providers and their use of the EHR

Training development and maintenance

  • Remote maintenance of training materials and environment
  • Virtual delivery of classes
  • Subscription-based certified training hours

Deliver effective role-based training to users throughout your organization.

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