Pre-Implementation Planning

Build the foundation for measurable success

The work leading up to your implementation represents a critical time for your project. We provide executive-level leadership and guidance through these critical tasks, setting the stage for implementation success. By taking the time to plan and prepare, we help you avoid surprises and focus on the right tasks at the right times.

A proven pre-implementation methodology

We guide you through every dimension of project preparation. You'll work directly with experienced consultants and have access to additional experts from the executive to project level, ensuring you're fully prepared to move forward. During this crucial pre-implementation phase, we build out a detailed project plan to track key deliverables and cover everything from contract signing to kickoff.

Our knowledge of EHR implementation methodology enables you to focus on the tasks that offer the most value during implementation. Our pre-implementation planning process leads your team through key activities, including

  • Defining your long-term EHR vision, project goals, and guiding principles
  • Determining your EHR and third-party application scope
  • Reviewing your total cost of ownership
  • Creating a benefits-realization plan
  • Establishing a project governance and decision-making structure
  • Deciding your go-live sequencing and major project milestones
  • Identifying an appropriate project team structure and staffing model
  • Designing your communication, change management, and risk mitigation strategy
  • Analyzing space and trainer needs for end-user training



Implementation strategy

  • Goals and vision
  • Milestones and go-live sequencing
  • EHR and third-party scope
  • Change management and communication

Measuring success

  • Total cost of ownership review
  • Benefits realization goals

Staffing and structure

  • Project team structure and staffing
  • Governance and decision making
  • Training needs analysis

The benefits of early planning

Maximize efficiency through team planning

Find efficiencies by thoughtfully planning out staffing assignments. Using our knowledge of EHR integrated system and implementation methodology, we'll help you structure your team to do more with less.

Avoid third-party surprises

Keep your project running on schedule by carefully considering changes to third-party solutions during the initial stages of planning. We tackle scoping and contracting early in the process to avoid potential delays later.

Streamline decision-making

Make decisions simpler by putting a formal governance structure in place. It's simple: we help you make better decisions, faster.

Gain a realistic total ownership cost

Avoid missing significant costs and get a realistic total cost estimate by carefully considering commonly overlooked expenses.

Give operations the gift of time

Give your operations team a head start on completing required tasks and avoid unnecessary last-minute urgency. EHR implementation asks a lot of your operations team, and time isn't always a luxury. We help you start these tasks early on so you don’t get bogged down in the final stages.

Prepare for implementation success with KLAS-rated experts.

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