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Does your bottom line need urgent care?

Healthcare providers' post-pandemic challenges remain as striking as they were three years ago, with cost increases and labor shortages still contributing significantly to financial pressures.

More recently, changing expectations around the consumer patient experience, Medicaid’s unwinding of Public Health Emergency (PHE) patients, and new, competitive market entrants, such as CVS, Walmart, and Amazon, have also exacerbated the already tenuous position of a hospital balance sheet.

To meet the challenges head-on, health systems must embrace rapid changes that require new, digitally-enabled processes, evolving staff roles, and performance-based, data-driven strategies.

For administrators looking to get their systems back into the black, implementing these changes may seem impossible. 

This is where Nordic steps in. Our deep knowledge of the healthcare ecosystem gives us the tools to effectively use data to create customized, end-to-end solutions that reduce costs and enhance revenue growth through digital enablement, optimized workflows, and a seamless consumer journey that attracts and retains patients.

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Advancing consumer-centric healthcare with a digital front door

Creating a high-quality patient experience is top of mind for most healthcare leaders. From patient access to health equity, the critical issues that affect the care of individuals and communities must be solved. To provide a more seamless patient experience, many organizations are embracing a digital front door strategy.

Download this insightful paper to find out why the digital front door is important in healthcare, the potential benefits to patients and organizations, and best practices for an effective implementation.

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A healthy revenue cycle means healthy margins

The challenging nature of the current healthcare landscape shows little sign of dissipating. These difficulties require healthcare leaders to embrace new, innovative shifts in healthcare delivery that ensure both high-quality patient care and a solid bottom line.

 At Nordic, we help health systems create a focused, intelligent revenue cycle that supports stronger margins through better efficiency and increased revenue. Our professionals work to identify areas within the revenue cycle that can be optimized, including reducing avoidable write-offs, improving clinical documentation, implementing service capture improvements, and implementing more efficient workflows. 

At the same time, our team works diligently with healthcare leaders to identify areas with waste and opportunities for expense reduction, whether that’s in workforce efficiency, clinical variation, vendor management, or non-labor expenses. 

These improvements ensure health systems are at their strongest to handle the rapidly evolving nature of the healthcare landscape from changing policies and regulations to shifting patient expectations. 

Healthcare leaders must rethink how patients access care, interact with providers, and make financial arrangements to ensure a seamless process that meets this consumer demand.

It's time to treat and prevent patient pain points

While organizations are addressing margin pressures, they must focus in parallel on improving the patient experience. This need is especially important as patients increasingly expect more digital consumer interactions. 

Appointment scheduling difficulties, manual payment processes, and poor communication due to increased administrative burdens on care teams not only impede a health system’s ability to provide quality care, it also affects downstream revenue, patient retention, and the care management process.

Healthcare leaders must rethink how patients access care, interact with providers, and make financial arrangements to ensure a seamless process that meets this consumer demand.

Nordic’s Patient Access solutions help health systems with this vital realignment, offering digital front door strategies that make the consumer patient experience easier and enable organizations to improve patient satisfaction, efficiencies, and visit volumes.

Meeting expectations before they walk through the door

By adopting a digital front door strategy, health systems can stymie patient leakage while attracting new patients and increasing propensity to pay - all tools for quality margin growth.

 A successful digital front door strategy includes:

  • Allowing patients to access and interact with health systems digitally (ideally through an app) as they seek information around care
  • Digitally enabling call centers to access and support patients looking to schedule appointments, ask questions about eligibility, or pay a bill
  • Providing proactive outreach for appointment updates and health and wellness reminders

Nordic experts help organizations develop customized digital front door experiences that take into account the individual needs of health systems in optimizing the consumer patient journey.

Whether it's improving engagement with providers, redesigning processes, increasing patient self-service, or optimizing the use of digital tools - or all of the above - Nordic finds the solutions required for success.

Nordic is here to improve your organization's financial health

Nordic offers a holistic approach to margin improvement, assessing an organization’s financial and operational health, identifying opportunities for revenue enhancement and cost reduction, and developing data-backed solutions with patients and care team members in mind.

Connect with Nordic today to discover how we can help identify and deliver solutions that strengthen financial performance, improve efficiency, and sustain growth.


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