ERP Migration

Guiding you to greater ERP efficiencies

You need your ERP, EHR, and other systems to integrate seamlessly for better business outcomes. Our experts help you develop a comprehensive strategy for your ERP project, ensuring your systems run at peak performance and drive efficiencies that support your specific goals and needs.

Software selection

  • Conduct thorough vendor evaluation and due diligence
  • Review RFP design and execution

Business process optimization

  • Review of critical systems and processes
  • Recommend process modernization

Organizational design

  • Develop short-term and long-term staffing models

Technology assessment

  • Evaluate systems integration and technology needs


  • Establish baseline metrics and determine measurable KPIs

Success story

University of Rochester Medical Center

Provided project leadership for integrated EHR and ERP rollout to affiliate hospitals

  • Evaluated system selection, coordinating an integrated approach for the ERP and EHR system rollouts
  • Developed project plan, including timeline, resource needs, and budget
  • Created a bridge strategy to accommodate phased approach from current-state to future-state ERP and EHR systems

The Nordic difference

Knowledge of systems and processes

We help you drive insights by mapping your processes and people involved to the appropriate systems, identifying and addressing leakage.

Staffing and consulting experts

With a 100% focus on the healthcare industry and deep roots in EHR consulting, we know how to help you build a project team that delivers. We help you develop a staffing model that addresses both your short-term project and long-term operational needs.

Strategic advisors on systems

We guide you through your sunsetting strategy, helping you determine which systems to phase out and when. We’ll also work with you to streamline your complex system maps, helping you save money in the long run.

Listen-first approach to identifying KPIs

We listen to your goals, challenges, and needs to determine what success looks like for your organization. Then we partner with you to identify your KPIs and capture the baseline metrics you’ll use to measure the performance of your new ERP system.

Healthcare ERP vendor selection

We’ve worked with all the major ERP vendors and can help you choose the right vendor for your organization – one that will keep your key business differentiators intact while enhancing those that lead to even greater results for your organization.

An ERP change can be a complicated undertaking, especially as it relates to dependencies on your EHR. Nordic offers a great team that understands this integration and brings their expertise to the table to facilitate ERP projects. In this increasingly integrated world, having a partner who knows how ERP fits into our healthcare space is critical.

TOM BARNETT, CIO, University of Rochester Medical Center, Rochester, NY