Who We Are

What does Nordic do?

Nordic connects people, data, and technology to create a healthier world.

Nordic is an award-winning strategic partner to health leaders around the world, helping them navigate complexity and harness technology to create healthier systems, businesses, and people. Our talented professionals bring deep clinical expertise and extensive technical knowledge, helping you prioritize, refine your strategy, and develop a clear roadmap to better quality care while lowering your costs. We bring together leadership, IT, and operations, asking the right questions to drive long-term success. We help you focus on what matters most to your organization, so you can address the right issues at the right time. Together as a team, we can change healthcare for the better.

What drives us?

We want people to be healthy and well, and we see connected technology as the key. When care teams, payers, and patients collaborate, the whole world will be healthier.

We harness technology to bring healthcare forward.
We deliver global scale and strength.
We understand healthcare from every angle.

Nordic collaborates with healthcare organizations to plan and deliver technology solutions that make systems, businesses, and people healthier. Because when technology works to make people healthier, everyone wins.

Our global team of more than 3,300 professionals combines deep clinical experience, extensive technical knowledge, insightful strategic vision, and proven operational capability to deliver transformational outcomes for providers and the people in their care. Nordic provides a broad range of consulting services, including strategic advisory, digital and cloud initiatives, implementation and support, and managed services. Our more than 700 clients trust us to help them identify and focus on the most important priorities and consistently deliver business-changing impacts that make health systems, and the people they serve, healthier.

Let's Connect Healthcare

Learn how Nordic connects people, data, and technology to create a healthier world in this short video.