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Is your team burned out or understaffed on EHR support and maintenance tasks? Are you looking to reduce the cost of ongoing issues management and resolution for Cerner, Epic, MEDITECH, or another system? Are technology challenges preventing your clinicians from focusing on patient care?

Our managed services team shoulders the burden of support and maintenance tasks, providing industry expertise at a guaranteed cost. By offloading application support to us, you’ll measurably improve customer satisfaction and resolution times while taking advantage of economies of scale to bring down costs.

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How to assess the value of application managed services

Application managed services for EHR systems, including Cerner, Epic, and MEDITECH, is a cost-effective strategy used by leading healthcare organizations to add industry experts to their team at a guaranteed fixed cost, leading to improved customer satisfaction, faster and higher quality service, and ultimately providing a better experience for patients and providers.

In this infographic we share:

  • Considerations when evaluating an application managed services program
  • How to strike the right balance between quality and cost
  • Important questions to ask as you get started – and what to expect in years to come
  • Key metrics to measure success
  • Service capabilities to look for in a partner

Advantages of Nordic managed services

Achieve Better Outcomes at Competitive Costs

Stop the endless cycle of system maintenance and get back to the projects that propel your organization forward. Our team has proven its ability to improve customer satisfaction and reduce turnaround times, while delivering service at competitive, guaranteed costs. More importantly, your clinical teams can spend more focusing on their patients and their care.

Relieve the Pressure of Hiring and Retaining Top Talent

Attracting and retaining healthcare IT expertise can be a huge challenge for organizations large and small. Nordic has a track record of acquiring and retaining the industry's best talent. Our managed services team brings the system experience you need without the stress of filling full-time roles.

Put the Keys to Your EHR in Capable Hands

When it comes to servicing your Cerner, Epic, MEDITECH or other EHR, we race to the top of value, with an expert team and EHR certifications. We also put quality and completeness first when crafting our SLAs, ensuring cost effectiveness without sacrificing great user experiences and successful outcomes.

Resolve Tickets Quickly

Worried about significantly higher ticket volumes around a go-live, upgrade, or other major EHR initiative? We guarantee speedy ticket resolution at agreed upon service levels. Trying to tackle a large ticket backlog? We can do that too, resolving any number of outstanding application issues throughout your system. Finally, as you experience the short-term value of this type of support, you may consider long-term application support as a new way to keep your system in peak condition.

Focus on Strategic Initiatives

When support and maintenance work take priority over new projects, optimization can feel impossible – you're struggling just to keep the lights on. Our managed services team frees your staff to focus on the projects that foster genuine employee engagement and satisfaction while making meaningful improvements throughout your system.

Predict Costs and Keep Incentives Aligned

Our capitated pricing model eliminates surprise costs while ensuring our incentives are fully aligned with yours. By taking ticket volume out of the equation, we focus on solving problems at the root cause and give you a clear forecast of costs throughout the duration of our engagement.

Improve Operational Visibility

In addition to defining and meeting SLAs, we also generate monthly reports showing you the KPIs that matter most. From backlog reductions to monthly ticket volume and more, we paint a clear picture of your operational efficiency.

Enhance the Overall Health of Your System

Our service model is designed to resolve issues in the short term while optimizing your EHR in the long term, ultimately lowering ticket volume through steady system improvement. We turn support and maintenance into micro-optimization projects, promoting overall system efficiency with each engagement.

Enterprise Application Support

Nordic Managed Services provides a unique capitated service to the healthcare industry: specialized expertise across the spectrum of Cerner, Epic, MEDITECH and other EHR applications for cost-effective, high-impact system management and maintenance for healthcare systems of all sizes.

Incident Resolution

Nordic can manage the day-to-day resolution of end-user cases, providing application workflow guidance, as well as build fixes. Issue resolution services can assist with short-term surges during go-lives or upgrades or ongoing application management. Regardless of the setting, service level agreements guarantee quick, responsive service.


Nordic can complete Cerner, Epic, MEDITECH and other EHR application optimization requests to maintain an up-to-date system. We manage the entire build process from design to initial build to unit and integrated testing, through to migration into production. And we'll adhere to your change control process throughout it all.


We handle your application work queues, batch jobs, interface errors, message pools, orders and results routing, patient portal issues, transcription queues, and more.



Get the support you need to fit your tight timeline with Nordic On Demand. If you need remote part-time application support quickly for a small or fully remote project, we can provide one or more of Nordic’s industry-leading experts at an hourly rate within three weeks. Free up your team with no minimum hours commitment to meet your needs.

Industry-leading quality

Benefit from the shared knowledge of our KLAS-proven experts. We provide the right staff for the right work with dedicated management and oversight.

Best in KLAS Overall IT Services - 2022

300+ Managed Services experts

9.5/10 Aggregate customer satisfaction score

500+Cerner, Epic, and MEDITECH certifications

97% Cumulative SLA resolution rate

Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady Health System

In 2016, Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady Health System (FMOLHS) was looking to free up their internal IT team in order to focus on more strategic initiatives such as rollouts and upgrades. FMOLHS chose Nordic Managed Services for all of their go-forward Epic Tier 2 support for all installed Epic applications except Beacon.

Over the course of six years, Nordic has deployed a team of more than 100 application analysts to provide industry-leading support to the entire health system, including initial ticket backlog reduction service, on-call services, and interface queue monitoring and maintenance. By closing more than 1,000 incidents or requests each month and resolving over 5,000 interface messages each month, this partnership has allowed the FMOLHS team members the ability to do strategic work within their organization

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Success story

Enloe Medical Center

  • Enloe wanted to increase flu shot screening by inpatient nursing staff
  • Nordic incorporated screening checks into discharge workflows
  • Achieved more than 90% screening compliance
  • Timeline: A few weeks from start to finish

Let our industry-leading experts manage your support more efficiently and free up your team for more strategic work.

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