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Many healthcare organizations spend countless hours and resources on new implementations and other high profile transformation initiatives, and often, users struggle to adopt those changes. One of the reasons adoption lags is because there is a forgetting curve that starts the moment class has ended. Over time, users remember less and less of the nuances of workflows and processes shared in training.  To mitigate this forgetting curve, Nordic relies on in-course engagement tools and after-class reinforcement, which flattens the forgetting curve, extends retention of information, and enhances proficiency and adoption. 


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Going live is the beginning

Implementations are a huge lift and often the only time training is highlighted for reframing and refreshing content. Nordic believes that any time an end user experiences change to their process and workflow, education is key for long-term, sustainable adoption. We leverage the same engagement and reinforcement tools in all engagements, but we tailor them to your organization, your culture, and your project.

Training plays a critical role

KLAS Arch Collaborative research shows that there is a relationship between training and provider satisfaction. 

Success is measurable

We believe the way to deliver effective training is to leverage adult learning principles, define metrics, and roll out a plan that exceeds those performance and satisfaction metrics. That’s why we’re an approved vendor in the KLAS Arch Collaborative. Partners who KLAS trusts can guide you to measurable outcomes.

How we can help

Whether you need an overall strategy for your organization, project-specific training, improvement in user satisfaction, or assistance with training development and maintenance, we are here to help.

Advisory & Education Enhancements

Assess current state, map out improvements, provide roadmap, and program development and execution

  • Assessments
  • Training environment build 
  • Education program development
  • Super User program creation/refresh
  • Learning management system selection
  • Virtual education strategy
  • Adaptive Learning tools
  • Training team coaching 

Project-specific training & Adoption

Role identification, curriculum development and design, delivery, and program measurement – Wherever you are in your EHR journey, we’re here to enhance your project adoption

  • Implementation
  • Affiliate rollouts (Connect, M&A)
  • Optimization project support (HCC, etc.)
  • Classroom Training
  • Virtual instructor-led training
  • E-learning
  • In-session user engagement tools
  • Education reinforcement and personalization programs
  • Ongoing sustainable adoption plan
  • Efficiency & adoption transformation

Shared Education Solutions

Lighten your team's load by sharing education responsibilities with Nordic. We'll plug in as an extension of your training team so you can spend more intentional time with priority initiatives. 

  • Remote maintenance of training materials and environment
  • Virtual delivery of classes
  • Education program coordination 
  • Provider support
  • Mentorship and upskilling of team members 
  • Subscription-based certified training hours

Deliver effective role-based training to users throughout your organization.

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