Testingand Quality Assurance

Minimize risk and disruption throughout your EHR

Well-executed and comprehensive testing is critical to project success. Our approach complements and builds upon Epic's testing methodology and tools, setting clear expectations for facilitating efficient analysis, communication, issue investigation, and resolution to maintain a stable testing environment. Experience throughout all areas of testing informs our ability to check, double check, and triple check each vital component to ensure reliable functionality.



Comprehensive testing strategy

We recognize that well-executed and comprehensive testing is critical to project success, ensuring minimal disruption and risk at go-live to guarantee patient safety, financial health, compliance of regulatory requirements, and adherence to operational workflows.

With expertise across all Epic applications, enterprise and third-party implementations, interface configuration, and operational readiness, we partner with you and your leadership team to

  • Manage and coordinate all concurrent and end-to-end testing phases and resources
  • Ensure accurate testing and status updates by defining entrance and exit criteria for all types of testing and continuously asking critical questions
  • Develop testing ground rules and set clear team expectations to facilitate efficient testing, communication, issue investigation, and resolution while maintaining a stable testing environment

Our consultants support all levels of test execution from testing program design and leadership to test script coordination and execution. The Epic testing methodology is layered in a number of different testing phases and strategies. We offer in-depth support in the following testing areas:

Testing planning and coordination

An effective testing strategy starts with a comprehensive plan. We developed our testing tools to work alongside Epic’s, knowing that additional customization will be necessary to support your unique EHR implementation and project oversight as needed. To ensure well-planned and executed testing, we'll update and configure the planning and execution tools for your testing needs, such as

  • Comprehensive testing schedule
  • Testing script tracker
  • Testing project charter
  • Testing ground rules
  • Testing script and issue dashboards

Testing execution

Completing comprehensive testing within your planned timelines for a project can be a challenge. Our experts augment your team to thoroughly test your EHR software, interfaces, and integrated third-party systems.

Hardware, printing, and other technical testing

Your technical dress rehearsal is critical to ensuring workstations and other hardware will work appropriately at go-live while enabling end-users to access the EHR to complete their work. We guide you through an effective technical testing process to confirm the correct setup of key items within your EHR, such as hardware and workstation setup and printing. Our dedicated testing solutions expand beyond the typical implementation testing to encompass a larger, more focused hardware and printing review.



MD Anderson Cancer Center

Nordic partnered with MD Anderson Cancer Center to manage enterprise integrated testing, developing testing strategy, entrance and exit criteria, ground rules, and dashboards for project oversight and execution.

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Support your unique Epic implementation and project oversight with a customized testing plan.