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change management

Managing change on a burning platform

CMIO Dr. Laura Copeland explains that when life presents us with a burning platform, we must change the way we change.

change management

How to use change champions for a more successful go-live [podcast]

If you're going live on Epic, make sure you have change champions on your side to carry a positive message about implementation throughout your organization.

change management

Why change management is critical to a successful EHR transition [podcast]

If you're implementing, changing, or rolling out your EHR to partners, change management is a crucial part of the process. Nordic explains how to do it right.

change management

Improve your revenue cycle: Make your providers more accessible [podcast]

Improve your revenue cycle by opening up your providers’ schedules. Two experienced Nordic consultants discuss the process, challenges, and results.

change management

Nordic's new podcast, the HIT Breakdown - Episode 1 on Population Health

Our first show is a Population Health primer. We have two veterans in the space: First, Dr. David Levin, who is the Chief Medical Officer at Nordic. Second, Susan Marks, Director of Population Health at Amati Health.

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