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Strengthening healthcare IT infrastructure: A wake-up call for cybersecurity resilience

Recent cyberattacks highlight vulnerabilities in the healthcare industry. Learn how to mitigate future fallout and bolster resilience.

digital health

The new dawn of senior care: Digital health’s role in aging in place

The increasing population of older adults and longer lifespans presents unique challenges to healthcare systems. Learn about meeting these demands while taking advantage of changing trends in this edition of "Office Hours" by Jerome Pagani, PhD.

digital health

Securing healthcare data: The critical need for cyber resilience

Healthcare systems are embracing technology-driven advancements like telehealth, remote patient monitoring, and 5G connectivity, enabling decentralized care at scale. However, as reliance on technology increases, so do the risks of security breaches, with the potential to cause considerable operational disruption and millions of dollars in damage. Learn more about shoring up your security posture in our latest article.

digital health

Making Rounds: Under new (data) management [Podcast]

On today’s episode of the Making Rounds podcast, Nordic Head of Thought Leadership Jerome Pagani, PhD, sits down with Digital Health Practice Leader Kevin Erdal and Head of EHR Implementation Services Andy Splitz. They discuss the complex nature of EHR implementations, the global landscape where organizations are only now starting to move to digitization, and how imperative it is that data management is done well and with real end-users in mind.

digital health

Making Rounds: The hopes and promises of AI [Podcast]

In this episode of In Network’s podcast feature Making Rounds, Nordic Head of Thought Leadership Dr. Jerome Pagani sits down with Nordic’s Digital Health Practice Leader Kevin Erdal and Chief Medical Officer Dr. Craig Joseph to discuss recent strides in generative AI, the promise it holds, and if the hype around it is warranted.

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Making Rounds: Turning data into insights with managed services [Podcast]

IT has long been treated as a commodity in healthcare when it should instead be a strategic asset to optimize and transform the organization, leading to innovation, cost savings, and patient satisfaction.

digital health

Building long-term ROI with BI modernization

The amount of data in healthcare is astonishing, but most data have been underutilized.

digital health

AI’s stretch towards the last mile

Artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to reshape the healthcare industry, particularly in back-office operations, but the humans involved need to be prioritized.

digital health

Driving Digital Transformation in Healthcare

Nordic's Executive VP and President, Europe and Middle East Kieran Hughes lays out recent examples of Nordic helping healthcare systems overcome these challenges to meet their digital transformation journey goals.

digital health

Stepping onto the health IT platform

Dr. Jerome Pagani lays out the elements of platform solutions and their core focus on supporting the delivery of healthcare goods and services.

digital health

Our Mission Together: Healthcare and Digital Transformation in the UK

The UK healthcare sector faces significant challenges, yet we see many reasons for optimism. Nordic shares how the NHS can deliver on the promise of digital transformation.

digital health

What’s cloud got to do with it?

Modernizing a health system’s data enterprise through cloud transformation prepares it for the future and benefits functions across the organization. Learn more about the benefits of cloud modernization in our latest blog by Kevin Erdal, Managing Director and Practice Lead of Digital Health.

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