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mergers and acquisitions

Things to consider when embarking on a merger or acquisition

In this video, Senior Consultant Kristen Schmidt shares her advice for organizations embarking on a merger or acquisition.

mergers and acquisitions

What is it like to be an affiliate project manager? [podcast]

Curious about the role of an affiliate project manager? We sat down with one of the best to discuss what you can expect.

mergers and acquisitions

How to use change champions for a more successful go-live [podcast]

If you're going live on Epic, make sure you have change champions on your side to carry a positive message about implementation throughout your organization.

mergers and acquisitions

Consolidating your EHR after a merger or acquisition [podcast]

So you've merged with or acquired another healthcare organization – now what about your EHR? Our experts walk you through their tips for consolidation.

mergers and acquisitions

Is your EHR setting up your merger or acquisition for success?

If your health system is merging or acquiring with another organization, your EHR can be the springboard to a great partnership. Learn more from Abby Polich.

mergers and acquisitions

How EHR implementations are getting more creative

Nordic Advisory Services consultant Sheri Long shares insights on healthcare industry changes, how implementations are changing, and the rise of creativity.

mergers and acquisitions

A quick and painless intro to rolling out your EHR [2-min. video]

Director of Affiliate Solutions Andrea Schmeichel summarizes the three types of roll-outs Nordic handles and how they differ based on organizational needs.

mergers and acquisitions

CEO Bruce Cerullo shares a few things you might not know about Nordic

Nordic has evolved from its roots as a leader in EHR staffing to a broad set of KLAS-proven healthcare IT solutions. Meet with us at HIMSS17 booth 903.

mergers and acquisitions

Training your affiliate partners: 3 best practices

If you are preparing to roll out your EHR to affiliates and putting a training plan in place, here are a couple of best practices to keep in mind.

mergers and acquisitions

Rolling out to an owned site versus via Community Connect: Nordic’s take

Nordic VP of Affiliate Solutions Abby Polich discusses the key differences between rolling out to an owned site versus to a Community Connect project.

mergers and acquisitions

#HIMSS16 - CHIME CIOs discuss extending their EHRs to partners

Quick summary of CHIME Focus Group "Successfully Extending Your Epic EHR to Your Healthcare Partners: Strategies and Best Practices" with Abby Polich

mergers and acquisitions

Growing, teaching: A way of life at Nordic

We recently showed you a little of how we're growing our consultants by giving you an inside look at our Strategic Affiliate Management Training Program. Because of that success, we've added a Security Optimization Training Program to our offerings for Nordic consultants. What these programs mean is continual growth for our teams and the promise that new skills will be shared throughout our client base.

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