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Protecting healthcare revenue flow: the power of a business continuity plan

Business continuity planning for the healthcare revenue cycle is a valuable strategy to protect revenue flow and keep operations running smoothly.

revenue cycle

Margin improvement transformation: An additional 1% increase in margin improvement and still growing

The second phase of Nordic's transformative engagement with Lawrence General Hospital helps achieve revenue goals and increase margins.

revenue cycle

Revenue cycle transformation: 3.4% increase in net revenue and still growing

A transformative engagement helps Lawrence General Hospital achieve revenue goals by aligning people, processes, and technology.

revenue cycle

Financially recovering from COVID-19: Strategies to maximize cash flow

These immediate actions can help healthcare organizations maximize and predict cash flow on the road to a full recovery.

revenue cycle

Maximizing capacity for rescheduled elective and routine care

Your organization can take these steps now to maximize capacity, care, and revenue when you're able to provide elective and routine services once again.

revenue cycle

ROI from your EHR: Three focus areas for a brighter budgeting season

'Tis the season for budget planning. To help guide your planning process, Aaron Mann, director of business development, shares three main areas your organization can focus on to realize a demonstrable return on your investment.

revenue cycle

How Nordic’s revenue cycle acquisition is helping our clients succeed

A Nordic senior consultant describes his great experience working with the recently acquired Revenue Cycle Transformation practice, which was formerly part of The Claro Group.

revenue cycle

Why you should prioritize a service area merge for your healthcare organization

Unifying your hospital service areas is a critical part of integration, but it can feel daunting. Here, Rick Shepardson walks you through the key benefits.

revenue cycle

Hospital Billing Contracts - The why, the ROI (hint: very high), and first steps

With just a little bit of information and a thoughtful implementation of Hospital Billing Contracts, you could save 6 to 7 figures on just one contract.

revenue cycle

Improve your revenue cycle: Make your providers more accessible [podcast]

Improve your revenue cycle by opening up your providers’ schedules. Two experienced Nordic consultants discuss the process, challenges, and results.

revenue cycle

The Impact of Increased Patient Referrals and Retention Rates

This video shows how increasing capacity with referrals and patient retention affects your ability to provide care and produce positive outcomes.

revenue cycle

Patient engagement: Your patient, your consumer

Nordic's Lauren Griessmeyer and Rick Shepardson discuss how treating patients more as consumers can benefit both the patient and the organization.

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