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The Pan-Canadian Interoperability Roadmap: Does it get us where we need to go?

Fragmented care in Canadian health systems was exacerbated by COVID-19, causing a direct impact on patient/physician relations. Kristina Garrels of Healthtech, discusses recent strides made and the overall need for #data delivery in an accurate and concise fashion.


From back office to partners in care: The evolution of hospital information technology departments

This edition of The Remedy reviews a brief history of the hospital IT department, digital health’s current state as partners in care, and what the future could hold for health IT.


Freezing the squeeze on the Canadian primary care system

In this edition of The Remedy, Dr. Laura Copeland and Thomas O’Shaughnessy discuss why healthcare organizations should focus on investing in technology, encouraging workforce growth, and accelerating alternative funding models to protect and strengthen the state of Canadian primary care.


How to ensure a positive physician experience during EHR consolidation [Panel Discussion]

In this panel discussion, Nordic's physician experts discuss ways to provide a positive clinician experience during a consolidation.


Curing the post-implementation blues

The cure for post-implementation blues lies in the ability to understand and plan for continual change.


Healthcare is not aviation

Find out what the healthcare industry can learn from the world of aviation when it comes to safety reporting & data sharing in the latest Checkup from Craig Joseph, MD.


Nordic's nurses weigh-in for International Nurses Day

Hear from nurses across Nordic Global in honor of International Nurses Day.

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