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Patient-Centered Care

Why sustainability is the future of healthcare

Sustainability in healthcare is crucial for the future. In this edition of The Remedy, Laura Copeland, MD, discusses how climate change impacts health systems and how green initiatives can lead to cost savings and improved patient care.

Patient-Centered Care

Prioritizing patient-centered billing: HFMA report emphasizes clear and compassionate strategies

Prioritizing patient-centered billing can improve patient trust and financial experiences in healthcare. In this HFMA report, co-sponsored by Nordic, explore strategic approaches that healthcare providers can adopt to prioritize patient financial wellness.

Patient-Centered Care

Designing for Health: Interview with Diana Anderson, MD [Podcast]

In this episode of the Designing for Health podcast featuring Diana Anderson, MD, learn more about the intersection of healthcare and architecture in shaping patient experiences

Patient-Centered Care

No EHR, no problem: Rediscovering patient care and clinical teamwork in a tech blackout

In this edition of The Checkup, Craig Joseph, MD, discusses how a technology blackout highlighted the importance of patient-centered care and clinical teamwork.

Patient-Centered Care

Building more effective health systems through social determinants and patient-centered approaches

Empower patients and improve healthcare outcomes by addressing social determinants of health through data-driven insights and innovative technologies. Read more from Dr. Laura Copeland in this edition of The Remedy.

Patient-Centered Care

Designing for Health: Interview with Josh Liu, MD [Podcast]

Dr. Josh Liu, co-founder of SeamlessMD, discusses human-centered design in healthcare with Nordic Chief Medical Officer Craig Joseph, MD. Explore their insights on clinician buy-in and the power of simple solutions.

Patient-Centered Care

The dream of patient access and flow

In this edition of The Remedy, Laura Copeland, MD, of Healthtech Consultants paints the picture of the healthcare system of our dreams.

Patient-Centered Care

Advancing consumer-centric healthcare with a digital front door

Healthcare leaders prioritize high-quality patient experiences, but patients often find healthcare encounters inconvenient, inconsistent, and confusing. Digital front door strategies improve access and health equity.

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