Since 1969, MEDITECH has been a mainstay in the ever-changing healthcare landscape, providing powerful tools that help healthcare organizations improve clinical, operational, and financial outcomes. Nordic has delivered industry-leading planning, implementation, and support services for MEDITECH clients across North America and the U.K. for over 40 years. Our talented team is committed to enabling exceptional enterprise-wide results and unparalleled clinician adoption with customized strategic approaches that fit your needs, challenges, and unique workflows.

Through Healthtech, a Nordic Global Company, hospitals, and health systems can access MEDITECH Certified consultants and clinical advisors who can guide organizations through even the most complex EHR optimizations or transitions. Our experts have experience across all MEDITECH applications and work within Nordic’s signature implementation methodology. We also offer virtual learning tools enabling teams to manage new systems after going live.



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Nordic is part of MEDITECH’s Consulting Services Program. This program educates consultants on implementation methodologies, timelines, tools, application best practice workflows, system standards, and other essential processes MEDITECH utilizes with its Expanse platform.