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The HIT Breakdown is Nordic's health IT podcast. Hear interviews with experts on a wide range of topics throughout the industry. We cover the ins and outs of EHRs, ERPs, and tackle the broader issues and strategic challenges that impact your ability to achieve outstanding business and patient outcomes.



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Episode 43 Creating and leveraging a successful Super User program
Episode 42 Automating submission of data to registries
Episode 41 Rise in telehealth sessions alone won't create great patient experiences
Episode 40 Avoiding common pitfalls of an affiliate extension program
Episode 39 How to drive efficiencies between your ERP and EHR in OR and beyond
Episode 38 How Managed Services can support your EHR extension partners
Episode 37
 How to build an effective hub-and-spoke relationship
Episode 36 What's the formula for happier end users? Our EHR experts discuss
Episode 35 Preparing for changes to value-based care reimbursement in 2019
Episode 34 Expert advice on preparing your MSSP submission
Episode 33
 Developing a strategy for your Epic Community Connect program
Episode 32 How can Application Managed Services help your organization?
Episode 31 What is it like to be an affiliate project manager?
Episode 30 How to use change champions for a more successful go-live
Episode 29
 How will transitioning to Nordic's maintenance and support affect my internal teams? Q&A with Loma Linda University Health
Episode 28 So you're a vendor now: How to set expectations with your EHR affiliates
Episode 27 Who should maintain the EHR problem list?
Episode 26
 Consolidating your EHR after a merger or acquisition
Episode 25 How to communicate effectively during your EHR transition
Episode 24 How do I plan for a successful EHR go-live?
Episode 23 Using the longitudinal plan of care to drive better outcomes
Episode 22
 Why change management is critical to a successful EHR transition
Episode 21 What data can reveal about the drivers of hospital readmissions
Episode 20 How to make MyChart as indispensable as Amazon
Episode 19 Population Health: An old-school approach to handling requests of your IT team
Episode 18 The importance of mentoring in healthcare IT
Episode 17 What the best consultants do at the end of their contracts
Episode 16 Preparing for Epic implementation: Your go-live playbook
Episode 15 Self-service analytics: Empower your team to make data-driven decisions
Episode 14 Improve your revenue cycle: Make your providers more accessible
Episode 13 Chronic care management from three perspectives
Episode 12 Healthy Planet: Opportunities and challenges
Episode 11 Epic MyChart patient engagement strategies: Buy-in, special challenges, and Meaningful Use
Episode 10 Patient engagement possibilities with MyChart
Episode 9 The fifth step in our population health model: Measurement
Episode 8 The fourth step in our population health model: Intervention
Episode 7 The third step in our population health model: Engagement
Episode 6 New CCM CPT code offers new revenue opportunities
Episode 5 The second step in our population health model: Stratification
Episode 4 The first step in our population health model: Identification
Episode 3 Do I need to buy additional tools to implement a population health program?
Episode 2 What does a great population health program look like?
Episode 1 Population health introduction

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