Capacity Simulation and Management

Uncover capacity drivers and opportunities


You're challenged to efficiently manage capacity using data that will help you improve patient access to care and the financial health of your organization. Our experts help you integrate information across clinical, technical, and operational areas, so you have the right insights to manage capacity and deliver safe, efficient care to your communities.

We partner with you to:

  • Integrate clinical, technical, and operational data
  • Uncover capacity planning insights
  • Improve patient access to care
  • Understand utilization and throughput

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A cross-functional approach

Strategic capacity management requires clinical, technical, and operational collaboration, and our unique team provides coaching and support in each of these areas. We’ll help you integrate the necessary inputs to uncover insights related to key performance drivers and utilize our past experience to avoid common barriers to success.

Historic utilization insights

Visualize past performance across these disparate data sets for enhanced capacity planning and opportunity identification.

Capacity simulation model

Our model allows users to enter inputs, such as available staff, number of rooms, hours, and variance to predicted volumes, in order to see the impact on capacity, utilization, resources, and revenue.

Cross-functional experts

A team of data & analytics, clinical, and revenue cycle experts will partner with you to drive trust and adoption of this new tool while also providing insights on performance improvement opportunities.


We partner with you to deliver a capacity and management solution that’s best for your organization. That means we listen to your goals, challenges, and needs to ensure the results are meaningful and measurable.


The Nordic difference

Cross- functional expertise Clinical, operational, technical

Holistic methodology Field-tested to ensure the best strategic outcomes

KLAS-proven7 categories of 90+ 2020 Best of KLAS ratings

Nordic’s clinical optimization work has been excellent. Nordic is very methodical. They never take anything for granted, and they are smart and sharp. … The combination of experience and expertise has been really good.

KLAS FEEDBACK, Executive, Nordic Client

Improve capacity planning and deliver safe, efficient care to your patients.

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